3 Exercises to Help Ease Lower Back Pain

 By: Jerry Standefer
There are many ways to help ease lower back pain. Use the 3 exercises that I have outlined here to help eliminate your low back pain. These exercises are designed for adults that have been suffering from either an injury or muscle strain.

First I would like to tell you about some exercises to avoid if your pain persists. If you are having lower back pain then I would suggest avoiding these exercises.

Exercises to avoid:

- Straight regular sit-ups. This type of sit-up can cause extra strain on your lower back muscles.

- Leg lifts. Another exercise that can add to your suffering.

- Certain weight lifting exercises. Any lifting of heavy weights above the waist can increase damage back muscles by straining or pulling. Avoid the standing military press and standing bicep curls.

- Toes touching exercises. Standing while touching your toes while increase your risk of added damage to your lower back muscles.

Now let us look at 3 exercises to help reduce your pain.

1. Stretching exercises. One exercise that I recommend that is easy to do, can be done by lying on the floor, flat on your back. Slowly lift your knees with a hugging type motion towards your chest. You will feel a gentle stretching of your back. Repeat this exercise for 5 to 10 times. This is best performed when you first wake-up in the morning.

2. Strengthening exercises. Probably one of the most overlook exercises for the lower back is swimming. Swimming is a very beneficial exercise to help strengthen all the muscles around your lower back area. Another strengthening exercise is Pilates, especially lying on your back doing leg stretches which will firm up the buttocks area of your body.

3. Aerobic exercises. Low impact aerobic exercise will increase the heart rate while increasing blood flow in your body. This is very beneficial to your lower spinal area, by the increase of blood flow it will help eliminate the stiffness and muscle tightness around your spinal column. This is why a low impact type aerobic exercise is better than step or high impact because it does not put pressure on your spine.
It is important to realize that not all these exercises might apply to you, so it is a good practice to check with your doctor first before performing them. These 3 exercises are intended to help ease your lower back pain.
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