5 Exceptional Road Trips Why A Road Trip Could Make You Money!

 By: Richard Cochrane
Americans have a strong sense of freedom that is best illustrated in their vacationing destinations. No other people on Earth possibly has so many people jumping on the bandwagon of road trippers that splice the land through its advanced network highways. Although America offers a multitude of possibilities for road trippers, there are 5 unmissable road trips in the US that all roadies must enjoy in before conventional automobile become extinct.

One of the fantastic opportunities that the unique company, CitizenShipper, offers anyone with a passion for road trips, is the ability to make some cash along the journey by picking up and dropping off packages found on CitizenShipper.com. This way, the roadtrip can pay for itself! What better way to cradle freedom?

The essential idea underlying CitizenShipper.com is original. Simply inform the system know where you are leaving from, and where you are going to, by putting in some zip code information. Next you will be informed of any shipments along the journey that you can pickup and deliver for a pre-arranged fee. Even if you only make enough money for gas, the trip will pay for itself! In a lot of scenarios you can make gas money, accomdation rates and even spending money.

The countries highways linking across the nation in numerous directions are all simply gateways to a multitude of possibilities for adventure. But among them, Route 66 shines bright as offering dramatic sights and high points that includes a wide spectrum of interests and topcs. From the awe inspiring Grand Canyon to the bloody stoned barren lands of the Native American 4 Corners location in Arizona. It demonstrates what formed the strength and steadfastness of the basic American reputation.

If you want to include a Las Vegas trip into the drive, you can enjoy the architectural wonders of English castles, the spectacular pyramids of Egypt, immortal Venetian canals and the memorable Eiffel Tower in its luxurious, yet surprisingly affordable, resorts. Your children will have wonderful tales to recount how they spent their holiday on road trips across alluring America, and learn a lot beyond the popular school curriculum.

The beauty of the American Pacific coast is a reminder to one and all of the timeless natural treasures of the US. Highway1 has often been considered as one of the most striking drives on the planet, offering one of the first-class road trips in America. Along the coastline of the Big Sur, a drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles is one drive you'll love to share with your colleagues - great Hearst Castle and the glorious Monterey Bay Aquarium provide brillaint family recreation.

Driving from a icy, damp city to a steamy, wet city through the glorious
New England, downward through the unique Eastern Shores, Southern States and on to beautiful New Orleans which is best enjoyed in the fall. Watch the seasons alter along the Eastern Coast, and experience the mortifying humidity of Louisiana. With lots of Confederate civic centers to explore en-route, you'll need to keep your drinking caps on for the alleys of the Big Easy and the mighty French Quarter on this American road trip.

Any excuse is a good one, when exploring the western coast of America all the way up to profound Canada by road. Canadians on the western shores really live it up and exhibit the meaning of having a great time and the desire to cross the border can get very powerful. Move into Oregon's Portland next if you're fascinated in the punk culture, and satiate your thirst in the north vine-lands of California and San Francisco Bay and finally San Diego illustrates
you what road trip America is all about.

But the real road trip of America is the drive from LA to New York. While the Big Apple is arguably the financial epicenter of the world, the City of the Angels shows what it means to live a larger than life reality through the power of entertainment and glamour at its zenith. Both cities have been contenders in the war for the best and the most Americanized city and have allegiant followers.

While on your journey, be sure to visit CitizenShipper.com and keep an eye out for any loads that need delivering along the drive! Why not plan your road trip based on making deliveries discovered on CitizenShipper? In these parched financial times CitizenShipper is the finest way to go on a road trip and have your gas and rooms paid for!
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