All Of The Holistic Health And Fitness Benefits Regarding Static Yoga Exercises

 By: Corey Andalus
The most important aspect of yoga is achieving both balance and flexibility, and learning how to read the signals in between the mind and body. With the practice of static yoga, you will notice that you can actually sense exactly where the areas of your whole body are in relation to space, while not needing to look at them. Your body and mind will continue to work together to let you know when and where you are in space.

What is Static Yoga?

Static yoga is a kind of yoga that is calm and peaceful. It is done with a slower level than traditional yoga. I love to consider static yoga as "yoga that restores both the mind and body." Using a small board, you will execute classical yoga postures that will enhance balance and flexibility. This type of yoga will aid in triggering your nervous system, which as we know, regulates the functions of the rest of the body, including the immune system, the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, and the muscle and nerve systems.

It has an exercise regimen that could be used to increase balance, coordination and reflexes. It's an exceptionally light kind of yoga which would need that you perceive and sense the signals that your body is attempting to give you. Too frequently, we get so caught up in the busyness of the everyday living that we disregard the simple clues our bodies are trying to send us. It is not until finally our bodies catch our attention by giving us a scream, generally by means of an illness, that we actually take the time to hamper and pay attention to our bodies. Even so, we often do not hear what our body is trying to inform us and instead devote our time trying to address the symptoms and not the main source of our illnesses.

What is thought of as "traditional yoga" is sometimes referred to as "dynamic yoga." This kind of yoga is normally a little more fast-paced and energetic. It focuses on improving the circulation of the blood and also provides a good cardio exercise. Other instances of just how is static yoga different from yoga would be in the specific stretches. Static stretches are those that are held without moving around. Traditional yoga utilizes stretches to increase your reach. Think of the static method of yoga as being a self-discipline that stretches your entire body for benefits just like better blood circulation and improved body awareness, whereas dynamic yoga stretches are utilized to warm the entire body up.

Static Yoga Exercises

Static yoga workouts should be executed in bare feet, with your eyes looking straight, and not at your feet. Don't get worried if it takes you some time to adapt to. Using your small board, you'll exercise "tilting." There are 2 different tilts to perform. One is the side-to-side tilt and the second is the back-to-front tilt.

Side-to-side tilt- This is done by standing on the board with each feet parallel to the line that is produced by the screws in the middle of the board.

Back-to-front tilt- This is performed by forming a 90 degree angle with your feet on the line that the screws form.

Within both workouts, the goal is to keep the sides of the board from reaching the floor. When you can successfully execute these methods, then you can add different versions of the tilts.

1. Attempt to tilt in each direction for 2 minutes.

2. While tilting, inhale and move your arms slowly together above your head. Exhale, and slowly lower your arms back again to your sides.

3. Roll a couple of socks and "juggle" them by tossing them from one hand to the other while you are tilting. Be certain to keep your eyes focused on the socks and never with your hands.

4. Gradually lower yourself directly into a squatting position and see just how low you could get before you lose your balance.

Seek to work to a state level where you can perform your static yoga workouts up to 10 times without losing your balance.
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