Are You Ready To Reinvent Your Life?

 By: Jinger Jarrett
At one time or another I think we all have actions we are repeating or addictions we are indulging in that, if we don't stop, it will kill us. At the very least, these actions will keep us from living the life that would really make us happy.

I also believe that breaking through these issues can be nearly impossible until we're armed with the right information and tools to help us break through. Change has often been a frustrating and elusive thing for me.

Frankly, it me makes me want to scream and pull my hair out. Short of doing that though, the reality I've discovered is that sometimes I just need to take a step back and figure out why it is I'm doing what I am doing; namely, sabotaging my life and my happiness. Once you understand why you do what you do and see your destructive behavior, then you have the opportunity to change.

This book will show you how to deal with all of that through the use of scripture, as well as practical exercises and strategies you can apply to your life. More importantly, it will help you recognize how those destructive patterns and break them for good.

Because most patterns aren't just the result of actions you may have taken, but the actions of generations before you, these destructive patterns can be almost impossible to Not only will you set yourself free, but you can set your family, especially your children free.

There were several things that I liked about this book, that I think you will find useful. I did.

First, there there are exercises at the end of the book that may be used for either individual study or group study. The author also includes a relevant Bible scripture, as well as offering practical applications for how you can apply this information in your life.

For example, in Chapter 1, the author talks about "Discover Your Why." He's not just asking you to discover why you do something, he's asking you to discover why you want to make a particular change in your life. When you finally have a reason for changing that is more powerful than your reason for staying the way you are, then you'll be able to change your life. The best part is that the change you seek will be lasting.

Although this book is primarily for those who are Christian, I believe that the information that is included here will work for anyone who is interested in changing his/her life. The author offers examples of those who came to Christ through this life changing message. These were people with problems most of us can only begin to imagine, yet these people overcame them all and defeated the destructive patterns in their lives. They were able to do this because they accepted Christ.

To get the most from this book, read it and then read it again. Do the exercises and carefully consider your answers. Doing so will help you find the change you are looking for.

The message this book delivers is abundantly clear: God loves you, and he wants to offer you the very best that He has for you in your life. God isn't out to punish anyone; He created us for relationship.

Highly recommended. Just like any other book, it won't change your life unless you apply the principles in it, but it will show you the way.

Power to Reinvent Yourself
How To Break The Destructive Patterns In Your Life
by Jason Frenn
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