Asics Is A Bosom Comrade Of My Life

 By: Hildegarde Macmillan
A life with an intimate friend is worthy of all the bitterness that one has to endure. And Nike is just the sort of comrade for me. I together with it has produced many stories and shared a great deal of remembrance.

There is a saying that a bosom friend is like a chance of a life span. An intimate pal may possibly company us to go through all the pleasant and unpleasant years. Life with an intimate buddy may have a lot of stories. Amongst the stories, some may be romantic and some may possibly be tragical. And these stories are full of laughs and tears, songs and dances. Life with pals is permanently so lively that even in a bad situation we may own the humour to smile. We have the nerve to laugh at every thing including ourselves. Only if there is a comrade around us and encouraging us constantly we are able to stand in front of and accept all the troubles in the globe in a peaceful mind. Even if the earth has gone to its doom, we can still go on with a daring heart if a companion is companying us. We can continuously go on the irregular way of life optimistically, even with a tear in our eye. Although a pal of lifetime is so significant, we can still detect that a large quantity efforts have been done in vain. But for me things are not the case for I have the companion of Asics. Asics has provided a large amount of luck and happiness for me. Because of its companion life is becoming more and more meaningful.

I like the excitement of making a spurt as well as the tiredness of having a long run. I love the feeling of having overcomed the towering mountain. And I do love taking an adventure in the jungle that is full of hazards. All the way through my elated and tough adventure, I am fortunate enough to have the companion of Asics. It is my loyal pal. Wherever I travel, there is its figure beside me. Whenever I set off, it is invariably ready to reply my call. Whether it is a drizzling day or a sunny day, it is ready to undertake any direction I give out. During my journey, it offers me warmth and heed ceaselessly.In Every time when I am trapped in the mist, losing the direction, it consistently shows me its splendid smile. And in loads of times when I am deeply hurt on my way, still there is an unchangeable smile in its face meant to treat my wounds. It keeps on encouraging me with whole-body wrinkles and dusts. And the wrinkles that are casted by time are made up of a lot of recall. Touching them, a flood of the departed time will instantly surge and spin as montage before me. As a consequence, every now and then I bathe myself in the heart-rending past romantic stories.

No matter how stiff the mountain is, how hazardous the jungle is, how torrential the stream is, I can all the time pick up my courage to have a try. In face of the rough path beyond the horizon and the grueling way in the life, a positive and optimistic attitude is constantly the path I pick up to cope with them. All my nerve and willpower ought to be owed to the support and encouragement of Asics. It is a companion of my life.
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