Bad Breath Causes - The First Step to Finding a Cure

 By: Gillian Coleman
Bad breath causes awkward situations for individuals all the time. If you are one of those who attend many business meetings, have a large social network or there is somebody special in your life, the last thing you want to have to worry about is having foul breath. To get rid of this social affliction, it is first necessary to take a look at some common bad breath causes

Regrettably, this oral condition is not just upsetting, but it can truly result in a person being an outcast as nobody wants a 'stinky' breath culprit in their group. It can affect both women and men from all lifestyles and of all ages. One of the most common causes is bacteria, which is linked to many factors such as small food particles being trapped between teeth. This may result in not just a mouth infection, but an infection that can migrate to being systemic throughout the body.

Oil-rich foods are common culprits and are usually odor producers. Some of these foods are onion and garlic. Though these food items break down in the stomach, the oils in them are carried by the bloodstream. When these oils reach our lungs, they settle there and the odor comes out with every exhalation; this continues until the food is completely out of our system.

Another big time offender is poor dental health. Not flossing or brushing the mouth after every meal leaves some of the food particles in your teeth and mouth cavities and creases, where they are attacked by bacteria resulting in hydrogen sulfide fumes. If this bacteria isn't cleaned out on a regular basis this causes foul breath.

Along with the kinds of food we eat, a dry mouth is another odor source. Our mouth remains moist by saliva. When our mouth is dry our gums, cheeks, and tongue start collecting dead cells. As these cells start decaying in our mouth it results in bad breath. For example when we get up in the morning our mouth is dry and this results in what we know as 'morning breath'.

Respiratory infections are another regular source of foul breath, and one of the seldom mentioned bad breath causes. When mucus from the sinuses drops down back of the throat, it starts giving a bad odor. Besides sinus infections, upper respiratory infections and bronchitis, which entail mucus amassing, are also the causes of foul breath. As respiratory infections are the cause of bad breath and smoking is a cause of respiratory infections, it should also be obvious that smoking can also be included in list of bad breath causes. It can give you a periodontal infection, dries your mouth and thus promotes foul breath.
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Bad breath is generally caused by odor producing bacteria present in large quantities in the mouth, and the white film of plaque coated on our teeth. The most significant of all the bad breath home remedies is careful and proper cleaning of teeth, twice a day on a regular basis...
Dry Mouth and post nasal drip are among the many causes of bad breath. A bad breath cure that is appropriate for your situation can be determined once you find out what caused your bad breath. Some bad breath cures include drinking eight glasses of water each day and replacing the fish, chicken, beef, etc. in your diet with vegetables and fruits.
Bad Breath, also known as Halitosis (Halitosis is the medical term for 'bad breath') is an extremely restrictive condition, and it affects millions of people. It restricts people from leading a normal life. Have you ever shied away from a conversation because you knew you had bad breath ? Or have you ever cut a conversation short because the person you spoke to had bad breath ? There wouldn't be a person on the planet who hasn't. Bad breath is a social turn-off.

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