Balance with the Right Gymnastics Equipment

 By: Jill Smi
When gymnasts start training at an early age, they are exposed to various pieces of gymnastics equipment that might seem foreign and unapproachable. All of the gymnastics equipment will seem so large to a person that stands less than four feet tall. By the end of their first year of training though, these same gymnasts will have a very different view of this equipment and feel that a part of them is missing if they miss a day practicing on it.

The size of the equipment will no longer intimidate any gymnast because they spent the better part of the year conquering their fears and mastering the techniques that are needed to use it without incurring injuries. Some gymnasts will be quite fearless in the mounts and dismounts that they learn to do and will go on to bigger and better ways to be master over the equipment that once scared them.

A gymnast is introduced first to floor beams to learn the routines that they will be expected to perform on balance beams on day. The floor beams are exact replicas of the balance beam but are made with closed cell rubber that is flexible yet hard enough to withstand the weight of the gymnast as they perform such maneuvers as splits, backbends and cartwheels that are included in all gymnastic routines that are essential moves in competitions.

The rubber suede surface of the floor beams is the perfect material for gymnasts to use to practice dismounts without incurring injuries. Since the width of the floor beams matches perfectly with the regulation beam that will be used in sporting events, the gymnasts can perfect handstands without taking up precious training time at the gym.

Gymnastic coaches use this rubbery beam as part of the mental conditioning program. Some gymnasts must overcome a fear of heights before they are able to progress in their training program. Using this low-rise training method gives gymnasts the opportunity to stretch their limbs and test their balancing abilities to the fullest, and since it This gymnastics equipment is used by trainers for mental fitted with a rubber backing, the gymnast does not have to worry about slippage when they are performing delicate twists and turns.

This piece of gymnastics equipment will be used by beginners to become accustomed to the length of the balance beam while remaining within a safe distance of the gymnasium floor. Many parents will purchase the suede covered floor beams and take them home so that the gymnasts can use them to practice when they are not at the gym. These gymnastic training devices are lightweight and can be easily carried by people of all ages without any further assistance.

When the gymnast is ready to use the wooden balance beam, they will often be tasked with incorporating the use of small trampolines in their training regimens. The small trampolines will be used for mounting the balance beam. The gymnast will learn to develop each move in their balance beam routine to precision accuracy and then use the small trampolines at times in their dismounts.
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