Bird Watching in Uganda

 By: Jamie S Hanson
Uganda, one of the famous African countries, is a perfect place to visit this vacation. Because Uganda is geographically positioned in the equatorial belt, the country is blessed with thousands of species of birds, plants and animals. You will never find such a wide diversity anywhere else in Africa. The huge variety of habitats includes arid semi deserts, montane rain forests, rich savannahs, lowlands, wetlands, afro-alpine range and volcanic mountains, and the altitudes for these geographical arrangement range from 650m to 5000m. Bird watching is the main tourist activity here. Tourists from worldwide come here to enjoy several species of birds and the most astonishing reality is that you will see highest number of birds in every square kilometer area in Uganda as compared to any other African country. You will truly enjoy watching infinite birds in Uganda. Uganda which is around 235,000 area has the greatest number of bird species, around, 1008 bird species can be watched in this country.

Uganda is known for rich dense forests which provide shelter to wildlife, endless species of plants and birds. This amazing African country proves its capability for offering natural surroundings for thousands of species of birds, animals and plants. Thus, if you don't enjoy bird-watching in Uganda, your trip is incomplete. You will really miss this unique activity in Uganda which is never seen in any other location of the world. With the famous Congo basin to its west, Uganda is a home to western and central African bird species which are not found anywhere in East Africa. You will find almost 700 huge forest reserves in this equatorial country.

The ARE-Albertine Rift Endemic area protects around 38 bird species in Uganda, the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Bwindi National park and Mgahinga forests itself confine nearly 25 species of birds alone.

Wetlands: Wetlands occupy around 30,000 kilometer area of Uganda. You will be amazed to realize that there are higher than 210 bird species and few of the welll-known birds found in this area are Shoebill, African Skimmer and Endemic Fox's weaver. Here you will also find several species of Papyrus like the Papyrus Canary, Papyrus Gonolek, Papyrus Yellow warbler and White-winged Warbler. In the Entebbe area, also termed as Lutembe bay, you will find a White winged Black-Tern roost of 2 million to 3 million birds!

Savannahs: With Karamoja situated in the northeastern parts of Uganda with partial desserts and dry thorny area, the savannahs are quite dry here. To the western rift valley, savannahs are rich and fertile. The Queen Elizabeth National Park which is situated in this region confines almost 604 bird species and is the greatest number for any confined region in Africa.

People truly enjoy bird watching in Uganda as there are thousands of different birds worth enjoying. You can actually experience nature in your arms. You cant complete your adventurous journey in Uganda without the exciting bird watching activity. Now that you are set to enjoy the bird watching activity in Uganda, you can decide a journey to Uganda this holiday and actually experience the true beauty of nature.
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