Causes of Sleepwalking and its Treatment

 By: Sean M. Clarke
Introduction to sleepwalking

Sleep walkers are found moving around with a glazed look in their eyes as if awake. There is a myth that one should not wake up a person while they are sleepwalking. Later in the article we explain what one should do if a person is found sleepwalking.

An interesting fact in the research about sleepwalking is that, as high as 18% of the population suffers from sleepwalking

Causes of sleepwalking

There is a lack of consensus on the causes of sleepwalking. Anxiety, fatigue, stress, worry and sleep deprivation are some of the causes that modern sciences have come up with. There are no known cures for sleepwalking except for some short term success with psychotropic drugs and clinical hypnotherapy.

The findings on the root causes of sleepwalking in spiritual research:
Findings of the Spiritual research conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) show that “The root causes of sleepwalking are 95% spiritual and only 5% psychological.”

This is one of the reasons why modern science has not been able to come up with a cure for sleepwalking.

Spiritual perspective of causes and consequences of the act performed during sleepwalking

The spiritual factors are primarily due to departed ancestors and the common ghost playing pranks, i.e. getting the person to do some small mischief.
More elaborate acts during sleepwalking such as sexual interactions with strangers and gruesome murders, etc. are orchestrated by higher-level ghosts such as subtle sorcerers.

According to spiritual science even though an act may have happened due to the person being under the complete influence of the ghost, he/she still has to face karmic or spiritual punishment for it. This spiritual punishment is in the form of demerits accrued which play out either in this life or the next. However the demerits incurred are less than if the person murdered in the waking or conscious state of his own volition. If the cause of sleepwalking is spiritual in nature as opposed to psychological then the demerits earned are even less.

Why do we have to pay for a crime or bad action that a ghost does through us?

The reason for this is that a ghost gains entry into our consciousness and possesses us due to our own vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include a high amount of demerits accrued from previous births, incorrect deeds, personality defects such as fear and anger that lead to anxiety and stress, lack of spiritual practice, etc.

Treatment of sleepwalking

• With regards to the myth about not waking up the sleepwalkers, whether the root cause is psychological or spiritual, it is imperative that we wake them up.

Regular spiritual practice needs to be done daily and lifelong to protect ourselves from the harmful side of the spiritual realm and to also facilitate our spiritual progress.

• An effective spiritual remedy such as salt-water treatment is also recommended.

• Lighting of SSRF incense sticks near the bed when going to sleep will act as a deterrent for ghosts to take advantage of people and provide relief to sleep walking.
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