Chandeliers Lighting: What to Buy?

 By: Kathryn Dawson
Chandeliers lighting has been around for centuries and is showing no signs of stepping away from the limelight. Its history links it purely to the royalty of the olden times. Even today, some of the big mansions in the UK boast chandeliers that are gigantic in proportions and magnificent in beauty. This lighting choice has also been used as a royal gift for various rulers of old. For instance, Queen Victoria gifted the world's largest chandelier to the ruler of Istanbul as a sign of respect. Even to this day, this chandelier adorns the ceremonial hall of the Dolmabahèže Palace in Istanbul.

The chandeliers can be taken out of the royalty, but the royalty can not be taken out of the chandelier. This will be an apt saying once you have seen the modern catalogs for chandelier lighting. These products can instill a feeling of luxury to any setting. Place them in the hallway of a simple suburban house and you will feel as if the passage has been sketched out of a Jane Austin novel. Accessorise the chandelier with a few table lamps and the vision will be completely turned into reality.

The biggest difference between the chandelier designs of the past and those of the modern era is that the newer ones are created keeping in mind the limitation of space. While the bigger 36, 45, 75 light chandeliers are still created, their use is limited to big mansions. The newer models are created keeping in mind the limited budgets of the buyers and also the amount of space they would have for such items.

Black Chandelier Lighting>br />

Chandeliers lighting comes in various colours, but no other colour matches the quality provided by the black variants. This can be attributed to the fact that black matches with every decor. However, a little designing can help too. For example, imagine a black and white living room with a black chandelier and little dashes of colour produced with the use of table lamp lighting. These chandeliers are considered to be a modern take on the classical lighting scheme and provide a Gothic feel to the space.

A majority of these chandeliers are made of wrought iron. This makes them the perfect candidate for installation in kitchens. The warm feel provided by them can be utilized in other areas as well, such as large lounges and outdoor and indoor dining areas. Black is considered by many to be the sexiest colour. The only shortcoming with this chandelier is its incompatibility with other dark colours. So, if you are looking for chandelier lighting that can complement the bright orange and pink of your home, then these are the products for you.

Chandelier Lighting Common Types

Modern chandeliers have shed their royal skin. This means losing the big thousand pound tags and trimming down on the weight, which could earlier go into tons. The modern chandelier can be summarized under the following three variants, based on the number of lights:

  • 3 Light Chandelier: These are the perfect solution for those with limited space to hang their chandeliers. Add to them crystal pendants, an antique brass frame and decorative trinkets and you will have a beautiful, yet compact, chandelier at hand.

  • 5 Light Chandelier: For those who are looking for chandeliers within the size range of 50cm - 63cm, the 5 light ones are the best option. Basically, the competition in this range is between 5 and 9 light chandeliers. The 5 light variant wins because it is possible to create better designs with a limited number of light bulbs.

  • 18 and 24 Light Chandelier: The crowning glory of any home, these chandeliers are for those with sufficient space for decorations and a large budget. These chandeliers are often above 64cm in size, but provide a truly unique luxurious and warm feeling to the space they adorn.

One fact to consider with chandelier lighting is that their prices are not a true measure of their quality. In fact, several cheap chandeliers are as beautiful as their expensive counterparts. They can be coupled with matching table lamp lighting products to create an atmosphere of elegance.
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