Choose A Red Chandelier And Be Unique

 By: Kathryn Dawson
A chandelier in the home might seem a little over the top to some, however just take a look online at the various styles and designs available and there are plenty of options that are subtle and would suit any room size and decor. Long gone are the days when chandeliers were only associated with ballrooms, stately homes and grand halls, next time you are out and about in friends houses, shopping in high street stores, or even watching TV, take an active interest in the lighting fixtures and you'll soon realize how popular chandeliers actually are.

It's worth mentioning that chandeliers are really more about style than lighting, although they can be very bright and enough to light up a large room most people tend to buy them for their looks. You can always supplement the light in the room by adding a floor or table lamp, or wall spotlights and sconces for extra light.

Chandeliers can look good in any room, people like to hang them in the main bedroom, hallways, living rooms, above the dining table, even in the bathroom! It's important you get the measurements of the lighting fixture before buying and measure up the room it's going to be hung in. If you buy from a showroom without checking this then you might find it's far too big or even too small once you get it home. Measure the floor area, and the distance between the floor and the ceiling. If your ceiling is low or your home on the small side, then this will affect your decision. For the dining room it's advised to measure the distance between the table and the ceiling as you don't want to have to peer around it to see your dining guests!

And with so many price ranges and size options it isn't too difficult to find an option suitable for every room. Styles under 50cm would be perfect in a child's bedroom or in a small bathroom, and with all colours on offer, from pink and green to black and red then you aren't limited in your decor.

Choose a red chandelier if you really want to be individual and have some fun, they would look great in any room but particularly in a bedroom. Mirella produce contemporary styled 3 arm chandeliers with crystal droplets and a beautifully crafted barley twist glass frame. Or check out the more elaborate 5 arm chandelier featuring crystal droplets and red crystal frame. Particularly chic and elegant this Marie Therese design would make the perfect focal point.

Many people don't even consider a chandelier for their home simply because they think they will be out of their price range. However there are lots of quality and beautiful options for under •£100. You can find great designs incorporating 5 arms or less manufactured from antique brass or satin nickel, with beautifully crafted birdcage frames, or stunning crystal pendants and elegant decorative frames that would look perfect in any home.

Searching online for a chandelier is a very simple process as websites allow you to sort by categories. For example if you have a budget of 100 pounds and don't want to pay more for your lighting fixture than this, then you simply select this option and only those products under this figure come up. You can also sort by size, brand, style and colour.

Before buying your chandelier you want to check it is a quality item that comes from a reputable and established company. Another point to consider is how easy it will be to clean, if it has a particularly intricate design or lots of delicate tiny crystal beads and pendants, then it could gather dust very quickly and you may find you spend at least once a week up a ladder making sure it sparkles!

If you order red, black, brass or crystal chandeliers online the merchant generally delivers the next day, some will even offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount.
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