Choosing The Right Hair Color For You

 By: Deb Harris
The right hair color for you is the one that flatters your complexion the most.

Your natural hair color, eye color and skin tone are important deciding factors when it comes to choosing the right hair color.

When we consider natural coloring, everyone falls into one of the four color seasons.

Your natural hair color, eye color and skin tone determine which color season you fall into.

Below is a very basic guide to the color seasons:

Spring - pale eyes - usually blue, green or hazel, light to medium hair color, pale complexion - skin has warm ( golden or yellow ) undertones.

Spring celebrities : Lindsay Lohan, Anna Kournikova, Justin Timberlake.

Summer - pale eyes - blue or gray, light to medium hair color, pale complexion - skin has cool ( red or blue ) undertones.

Summer celebrities : Maria Sharapova, Andre Birleanu ( America’s Most Smartest Model ).

Autumn - pale or dark eyes - blue, green, light-dark brown, black, medium to dark hair color, medium - dark complexion -skin has warm ( golden or yellow ) undertones.

Autumn celebrities : Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Nicole Sherzinger, Mario Lopez, 50 Cent, Tila Tequela, Bruce Lee.

Winter - pale or dark eyes - blue, gray, brown, black, medium to dark hair color, either very pale complexion or very dark -skin has cool ( red or blue ) undertones.

Winter celebrities : Lucy Liu. Keanu Reeves, Grace Jones, Seal.

Examples of Spring Hair Color:

Honey Blonde, Golden Blonde, Ginger, Auburn, Light Brown.

Examples of Summer Hair Color:

Pale Ash Brown, Platinum Blonde, Ash Blonde, Light Blonde.

Examples of Autumn Hair Color:

Chestnut Brown, Chocolate Brown, Medium to Dark Brown, Black.

Examples of Winter Hair Color:

Ash Black Brown, Black, Silver/Gray

When you consider your hair color, eye color and complexion, you can then decide which color season you are.

From here you can follow the advice for choosing the right hair color for you, according to your color season.

Again, this is a very basic guide :

Choosing the right hair color - Spring

People with a spring coloring can choose any of the warm, golden blonde shades, although redheads ( light ginger) should avoid all over blonde as it makes the complexion too pale - try golden blonde highlights instead. Redheads ( auburn) can color their hair warm chocolate brown - stay away from blonde completely.

Light browns suit golden highlights.

Spring should avoid all ash/platinum or lightest blonde shades - too cold for your warm complexion. It’s generally not a good idea to go too dark. Try to stay within a few shades of your natural hair color.

Choosing the right hair color - Summer

Summers should keep their natural blonde hair color as this is usually the hair color which suits them best!

Summers with light ash brown hair color can go for either light, ash or platinum blonde highlights.

Choosing the right hair color - Autumn

Autumns look great with colors close to their natural hair color, such as medium brown and dark brown. Golden lowlights flatter those with Autumn coloring. Shades of copper work well. Red is another flattering color for this season.

Autumns should avoid any shade of blonde as the autumn skin tone is too dark for blonde hair and results in an unnatural look.

Choosing the right hair color - Winter

Winters suit ash black brown and black hair color - if you are winter, your natural hair color suits you the best. Jewel colored lowlights in blue or red look great in black hair - this looks fantastic in asian hair.

Winters should avoid all shades of blonde - even winters with a very pale complexion cannot get away with blonde hair - your hair color is naturally dark for a reason you know !
Winters should avoid warm/golden colors as their complexion is cool.

We have now had a very basic look at choosing the right hair color for you determined by your color season.

As I mentioned earlier, the right hair color for you will be the one which flatters your complexion.

With the right hair color, your skin should look radiant, and your eye color should blend well with your hair color - remember if you have brown eyes, you will not suit blonde hair as your eye color will look too heavy against the pale blonde hair color.

With the wrong hair color, you will more than likely look either pale and washed out, or your overall appearance will look unnatural.

I hope this information, although very basic, has been useful in helping you to choose the right hair color for you.

A more detailed look at choosing the right hair color can be found at my website.
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