Christmas Markets in Keele

 By: Sarah Shore
There are many landmarks boasting architecture inspired from various eras that are venues for lavish Christmas markets in England. They have supremely elegant interiors with gorgeous fireplaces, lavish suites and huge expanses of beautifully kept lawns that bring the opulence and charm of 19th century England to life. Most of these also feature grand ball rooms and splendid galleried libraries, which make them a quintessential place for festive gatherings.

The village of Keele prides itself on being synonymous with special events and in organizing truly memorable events throughout the year. At Christmas, Keele hosts one of the most remarkable Christmas markets in England, filled with conventional Christmas foods, handicrafts, unique gifts and a splendid festive environment. The organisers are the embodiment of professionalism and warmth and provide service par excellence, because they are used to dealing with a large number of people due to Keele conferences and events. Indeed, there is no better place to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, than Keele.

Among the many Christmas attractions that the village of Keele offers, the Christmas market is the most noteworthy. It features traditional wooden chalets, which adorn the streets; each one offers inimitable, local handmade gifts, decorations and food items, everything you will need for the perfect Christmas celebration. Other popular traditional attractions include Christmas ornaments, decorations and clothing. The market provides unique and inspirational gift ideas for families, all of which are displayed in stunning exhibits and stalls. In previous years, the Christmas market has brought delight and pleasure to over 2000 visitors, which comprised of both locals and tourists.

There is plenty to keep both children as well as adults entertained. Santa Claus makes frequent appearances in his grotto, much to the glee of children, who throng towards him with requests and Christmas wishes. Other than that, children can also indulge themselves in a variety of fairground rides. Children will truly be delighted by all the offerings of this Christmas market and it will make their day a joyful one as they go from one activity to the next.

For adults, singing and dancing and merrymaking is a staple, once they get tired of Christmas shopping. The wondrous ballrooms, which mirror the grandeur and brilliance of 19th century England, set up the perfect backdrop for festive dancing. Local music and songs feature prominently in the background as parting guests take to the dance floor. The atmosphere will make you feel as if you have gone back in time to a time when the royal court would host Christmas dinners, and you will feel the true traditions and customs of Christmas.

Christmas in incomplete without food and drink and this inviting venue offers a most scintillating menu. While being nothing short of a gourmet experience, the culinary offerings here not only include all kinds of traditional food items, but also a fine dining experience that is beyond imagination. The market is home to traditional Christmas cookies like gingerbread and hot mulled wine, both of which help to stave off the freezing winter air. Visitors to the market will love the joyful atmosphere, created by the hustle and bustle of the market and added to by aromas of scrumptious, warming food. The environment compliments the merriment and festivity of the season and provides space and comfort in abundance, along with an award winning culinary flair. While epitomizing excellence and fusion of traditional and contemporary, Keele is also home to Keele Conferences and Events, which host corporate events, weddings and sports galas. Christmas is just another welcome chance for it to shine.

The romance of the holiday season comes alive in the Christmas markets of Europe. This annual event provides throngs of holiday makers with the ideal pre-cursor to Christmas and the opportunity to stock up with Christmas gifts and goodies in order to beat the Christmas rush. During Christmas, Keele offers its visitors the best medium to enjoy a truly traditional get-together. Indeed, it is the place to be, if you desire to celebrate the holiday season in a thoroughly entertaining, yet conventional manner, without overburdening your finances. A great way to spend a day during the holidays with family and friends and a great way to explore a new village or town.
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