Chronic Halitosis and the Cure for Chronic Halitosis

 By: Keith Baker
Recurring and ongoing bad breath is medically termed as chronic halitosis. This condition has a number of causes. Please be aware of your smelly breath, as it may be a sign of some other more systemic and potentially serious illness. Such as: uremia, liver failure, and diabetic ketoacidosis, rotting teeth or gum disease.

Keep in mind there can be several causes of chronic halitosis. You probably have felt self-conscious and embarrassed noticing your family and friends stepping back when you talk. By now you probably realize that it is due to your bad breath. It is often detected as you exhale. These bad odor's can originate from the oral cavity (mouth) or some other part of the body, such as the igestive system.

Bacteria that produce volatile sulfur compounds on the tongue can also cause foul stinky breath. This can occur because your body produces too much of these sulfur compounds naturally. Or they may be caused by a from a high protein diet. Another common cause of chronic halitosis is dry mouth. The criteria list above are breeding grounds for the bacteria that cause chronic halitosis. Don't worry as there are many cures for chronic bad breath which we will discuss further.

The fact is that smelly breath, or so-called halitosis, can be a persistent problem for those it afflicts, this makes chronic halitosis treatment an ongoing challenge. This alone has presented an opportunity for researchers and producers breath remedies. Knowing the immediate causes of most instances of bad breath, is very helpful with the initial treatment of chronic halitosis. Although, the underlying causes can be difficult to find and may be difficult to resolve.

While many people suffer from chronic halitosis, or bad breath you can still get rid of this condition. Surveys have found as many as half the North American population suffers from some form of halitosis. This is probably why the odor of our breath is something of a preoccupation in the US. Nearly, everyone is conscious of their breath. It is just good manners to take steps to avoid breathing in someone else's face.

Only in last century that we have started paying so much attention to bad breath. Primarily it has been in the last decade that we have made real progress in finding ways to deal with smelly breath.

Here are some quick tips to help with chronic halitosis:

1) Brushing and flossing.

2) Tongue Cleaning.
Note: Folks tend to forget about their tongue during their dental hygiene activities.

3) Mouth Washes

4) Specialty breath related treatment products.

Please keep in mind that many new toothbrushes are designed incorporating tongue cleaning tools, but it's also okay to just brush your tongue. Separate tongue cleaners are also available. Also, the edge of a spoon can be used.

Give you best efforts to oral care and regular visits to the dentists. Also seek alternative cures for chronic bad breath. There are many remedies that are able to get rid of the bad breath. Also maintain a well balanced diet and drink plenty of plain water. Hydration is one of the ways to keep smelly breath away.

Additionally, there are many blogs and products that can be found on the internet to help you keep you in top notch oral health.
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