Clearing Some Myths about the Process of Intestinal Colon Cleanse

 By: Cody Holpp
The term 'cleanse' refers to rinse out, purify or flush away something. Our human body is capable of removing waste materials by itself but there is a possibility that certain type of accumulations (like putrefied feces) often line the walls of large intestine. These accumulations have the ability to cause general ill-health. But, there aren't many medical researches and studies which connect these accumulations in entirety with major illnesses, problems and complications.

Colon cleansing is the process of planned removal of feces and certain nonspecific toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. The procedure known as: intestinal colon cleanse is done via many different ways. Oral cleansing techniques are also available which utilize dietary supplements and natural juice recipes, apart from some traditional eerie methods.

Basis of the Intestinal Colon Cleanse Process

There was an ancient belief that the colon starts to malfunction after the accumulations increase (when they aren't pushed out properly) and later this situation is responsible for major illnesses. Colon hydrotherapy and enema are some of the processes which resulted from this belief.

A person's large intestine often retains unwanted toxins (it is mostly a combination of leftovers from food which are indigestible, water and gas). The quantity of this accumulation depends on various factors like diet and the bowel movement's frequency as well. Bowel movements are often hindered by medical aspects like thyroid disorder, colitis, celiac disease and some kinds of tumor. You can check with your doctor if there are issues with bowel movements.

Factors like drinking caffeinated beverages, alcohol, the intake of trans-fats and processed foods, makes for accumulation of residual (fecal) matter along the inner side of colon which disrupts absorption of water and other nutrients. This also causes toxins and growth of harmful bacteria. But many scientific studies summarize that our bodies are capable of cleansing most of these aspects and for the rest, a healthy combination of exercise and diet will prove effective.

As many intestinal colon cleanse type processes do not have the backup of major scientific studies and research, the best alternative to traditional intestinal colon cleaning process is to follow the 4 golden rules for healthy bowel movements, mentioned as below:

- Eat a balanced diet which includes a lot of fresh and raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, beans etc. along with taking natural probiotics based products like yogurt, kefir, miso etc.
- Regular exercise routine ( at least walks and usage of staircase, if exercise cannot be accommodated)
- Water is one of the most important factors responsible for functioning of your body and bowels. Appropriate intake of water (around 8 glasses a day is more than enough) is needed as our bodies also get water through other factors like fruits, drinks etc.
- A regular medical checkup will ensure that those aspects which have been concealed will be out.

All in all, if we combine the view of proponents and the opponents, one thing can be summarized - healthy and timely bowel movements go on to improve the quality of life.
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