Conquering Colds and Flus

 By: Chuck Bluestein
Modern medicine knows that people can come in contact with the germs that cause the flu and not get it due to a great immune system. What do colds have to do with the cold weather? Why is the flu season during the cold weather? Why does the body catch a cold and the flu? What is the fastest way to get over a cold and how do you avoid them altogether?

If your immune system is strong enough then you will not get the flu. When a person's health is too low, the body's intelligence tries to raise it. Its job is to constantly try to make the person healthy and fit, not fat. Its only goal is the best health possible. But people have many other priorities like entertainment, fun, being sociable, making money and being admired.

So when your health (immune system) drops too low, the body's intelligence tries to force you to do something about it. Your health and immune system are proportional to how clean or free of toxins the body is. Toxins include the body's metabolic waste. The body is constantly getting rid of toxins but sometimes it gets backed up. Things that help the body detoxify are heavy sweating caused by heat or exercise, sleeping, fasting and eating a light and healthy diet. The opposite things, like lack of sleep, causes the body to get backed up with these toxins.

During cold weather people get less sunlight which means less vitamin D (which is good for the immune system). Also people sweat a lot less during cold weather so saunas can help to cause more sweating. The skin is one of the 4 excretory organs of the body which also include the lungs, liver and kidneys. The colon is an organ of elimination. It is not an excretory organ since it is outside the body proper. That is medical talk.

With Bikrams Hot Yoga, you do yoga exercise in a room that is 100 degrees Fahrenheit so this causes you to sweat a lot. Americans have a tendency to over eat and under sleep especially around the holidays. I saw on the forums before Thanksgiving that more people are asking about what to do about a cold.

So the body's intelligence allows you to get sick so you will do the things that you were unwilling to do, like taking off work, eating less and sleeping more. Then after the flu, you are healthier than you were before the flu. If you do not do these things then the flu can last a long time.

The quickest way to get over a cold or the flu is fasting, according to Mark Twain and I. That causes the body to detoxify at the fastest rate possible. If you can't fast, then just eat only fruit, especially fruits high in vitamin C, until you are better. Fruits require the least amount of digestive energy. You already know about getting plenty of rest and drinking enough fluids.

There is an easier type
of fasting that has become very popular. Since it is easier and supplies
vitamin C in a food form it may be better for colds and flus. When it comes
to vitamin pills you should try to avoid them. Studies show that they act
differently in the body than vitamins in foods. Ask yourself this. Since
vitamin C pills are so cheap (about 8 cents each) and each one (500mg)
contains the amount of vitamin C in 7 whole oranges, then no one should
never get a cold or the flu. But the vitamin C in one whole orange is better
for you than 100 vitamin C pills.

Try to buy organically
grown produce until The USA becomes as civilized as Russia where it is against the law (a crime) to sell anything but organically grown produce. This
alternate fast is discussed on the fasting webpage. It is called Master
Cleanse, Lemonade Diet or the Master Cleanser Lemonade Fast. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C like other citrus fruits (31 mg per lemon). This is
an average since organic produce without pesticides has more nutrients
than conventional produce. Ask your congressman when they are going to
make produce with pesticides illegal since our little children consume
them. This is a crime against humanity. Remember that black people used
to be property (slaves) in the USA that you could buy and sell.

The Master Cleanse contains
freshly squeezed lemon juice in water, grade B maple syrup and a tiny bit
of cayenne pepper for circulation. Cayenne has a large amount of vitamin
C. Two grams of it contains 1 mg of vitamin C. You cannot consume much
of it since it is very hot (spicy). People can skip it altogether. It is
not good for people with blood that is too thin.
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According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 35 to 50 million people fall prey to influenza during the flu season (November to March), every year. Viral in nature, influenza is a respiratory disease that is highly contagious. In the year 1918, nearly 100 million people died in the influenza pandemic that spread across the world, including remote regions in the arctic and the pacific islands. It was the worst natural disaster the world ever saw.
A common cold is related with the condition of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract which is caused by the infection with common cold viruses. It is also known as acute coryza. In comparison to other disease the occurrence of common cold is frequent. Any person may suffer from the problem of common cold several times in a year. It generally lasts from 3-10 days. The first three days for the patients are very miserable.
While you hardly notice someone sneezing, the virus can transfer to you until you realize you already have colds. The common cold is actually most contagious since they easily spread from one individual to another. It is called this way because it is most recurring and common of all diseases.

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