Contraceptive Pills And Patches: An Introduction

 By: Ian Caspar
In today's society, men and women indulge in regular sexual activity, which often leads to complications such as unplanned pregnancy. Until recently, condoms have been the most popular and commonly used means of contraception. Sometimes, condom failures could lead to unintended pregnancy. Contraceptive methods were developed for women so they could have some control over their choice of contraceptive method. This has helped women take control over their sex lives and also over the consequences of failed contraception. With the introduction of hormonal contraceptive methods, contraception has become easier for women.

What are hormonal contraceptive methods?

Hormonal contraceptive methods have become quite popular among women, especially those who are looking for long term contraception. The three hormonal contraceptive methods are that of oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive patches and contraceptive rings. Among these three, the oral contraceptive pills have been the most popular ones, although the other two are gaining popularity at a fast pace as well. The oral pills are divided into two categories of combination pills and mini pills based on the artificial female hormones present in the pills. The combination pills consist of two artificial female hormones of oestrogen and progestogen, while the mini pills consist of only progestogen.

What is Noriday?

Noriday mini pill is one of the most popular and commonly used contraceptive pills used by women. This pill consists of Norethisterone, a synthetic version of progestogen, as its active ingredient. It has been proven to be almost 99% effective in protecting women against pregnancy. The Noriday mini pill is said to be most effective if it is taken on the very first day of your period. If you are unable to take the pill on the very first day of your period, it is advisable that you take extra precautions for the next seven days. You are required to take one pill every day for all 28 days of your menstrual cycle.

What is Loestrin 20?

Loestrin 20 is a popular choice of contraceptive pill. This pill consists of ethinylestradiol, a synthetic version of oestrogen, and Norethisterone acetate, a synthetic version of progestogen, as its active ingredients. You are required to take this pill for 21 days of your 28 day menstrual cycle, with a break of 7 days in between, during which you can have withdrawal bleeding. This pill has been proven to be almost 100% effective in protecting women against pregnancy. Being a combination pill, Loestrin 20 protects you against pregnancy in three different ways.

What is NuvaRing?

NuvaRing is the most popular and commonly used contraceptive ring by women, and has helped thousands of women in preventing unplanned pregnancy. It is a small, thin, flexible and light ring, which you are required to place inside your vagina. The ring is designed so that it does not cause any sort of hindrance in your daily activities. It is similar in effect to that of the oral combination pills. NuvaRing consists of ethinylestradiol (synthetic oestrogen) and etonogestrel (synthetic progestogen) as its active ingredients. You are required to wear the ring for 3 weeks and change it every week.
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A high percentage of women around the world use some or the other form of contraception. With the introduction of hormonal contraceptive methods, it has become much easier for women to control whether they want to become pregnant or not. Oral contraceptive pills are a type of hormonal contraceptive method which consists of artificial female hormones.
Women around the world use different forms of contraception to prevent them from becoming pregnant. Hormonal contraceptive methods have proven to be very effective in preventing pregnancy in women. Contraceptive pills have become very popular among women and they have proven to be very effective as well. Read further to learn more about four popular combination pills used by women.
A controversial topic such as birth control may seem like a modern issue, but it's not. Contraceptives have been used in one form or another for thousands of years throughout human history and even prehistory. In fact, family planning has always been widely practiced, even in societies dominated by social, political, or religious codes that require people to "be fruitful and multiply."

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