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 By: Christopher Creswick
Liveaboard diving, more commonly known in the tradeas a diving safari, is becoming more and more well-liked, because up until recently they have been very costly, but due to the shrink in financial system, the diving trade has dipped dramatically and thereon cheap deals for diving holidays which are usually all inclusive have been introduced in an effort to draw existing customers and potential customers too.

In the private sector Liveaboards are normally converted yachts or powerboats which accommodate to two people that would be their primary home, which would be based in the marina and at sea. But in the commercial industry, liveaboards are usually specifically designed which are built to accommodate ten to thirty divers for a week, maybe more, with a length of fifty to one hundred and thirty feet.

Liveaboard holidays are not just for practiced divers though, many companies propose packages for people who have little or no skill in diving. An additional motive why liveaboard holidays are becomingmore and more well-liked is that up until around ten years ago, the boat would be very limited to how many people it can bear, and the features it had onboard were really basic. But nowadays many liveaboards have private en-suites, mini bars, televisions, Jacuzzis (higher end of the market though)

The Red Sea, which is aswell known as the Arabian Gulf, is thought to be the 'youngest' ocean on the planet, and also one of the warmest with an average temperature of twenty six degrees. It was only in the 1950s when the Red Sea became a sought after diving destination after Hans Hass's expedition revealed the brilliant marine life and coral reefs. It is thought that there is well over one thousand different kind of fish, of which over twenty percent of the sort of fish cannot be loacated in another place in the world. There are more than two hundred different types of soft and hard coral reefs too, which are expected to be around five to seven thousand years old.

Forty percent of the Red Sea is at a depth of no more than one hundred metres, whilst twenty five percent is at a depth of no more than fifty metres. Consequently this is perfectly suited for divers to discover the marine life and coral reefs.

The following are the most famed attractions the Red Sea has to offer, although there are many more these are the main two: one of which is the 'Ros Muhammed' which is a national park aimed at protecting rare marine life. The second is 'SS Thistlehorn' which was a British Naval armed Freight, which was sunk by German bombers in 1941.

Scuba diving holidays in general are perceived as the ideal way to relax and be cut off from the rest of the hectic world, and to be able to view some of the most rare and complex but gorgeous fish the sea has to offer.

Scuba diving can often be seen as fairly unsafe, mainly because of what creatures are in the ocean, but rest assured all people who work on liveaboards are fully trained in all aspects of diving, from training to rescue and support. Scuba diving done at the right destination can be a hugely rewarding experience, being able to swim with the rarest aquatic life there is and swimming next to postcard views.
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Many diving institutions exist. To name a few - PADI, SSI, TDI, NAUI. Whichever qualification you decide to gain, they are all just brands to help you take your very first step to explore the wonderful marine life. All diving institutions basically teach the same methods in scuba diving. One of the basic qualifications available is the Open Water Course. This qualification gives you your license to dive anywhere in the world, whether it be in the shallow waters at 5 meters such as where divers do macro diving off the island of Mabul, a popular dive spot near world famous Sipadan Island, or at depths of 18 meters.
MV Celebes Explorer is the only liveaboard diving around Sipadan Island area. Celebes Explorer Liveaboard provides diving around Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai and Si Amil islands. A week cruise with Sipadan Liveaboard will have 4 full days of diving (4-5 dives subject to weather condition) in Sipadan, which is well known for its pelagic and turtles.
Sipadan Island is located on the east coast of Malaysian Borneo and is the center of the richest marine habitats in the world. The island of Sipadan is covered with rain forests. So besides enjoying the underwater world, one can also enjoy the natural beauty on land.

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