Eleven Tasks Of A Chartered Building Surveyor

 By: Kenny Ingram
A building surveyor, especially a chartered building surveyor is able to provide professional advice on a wide range of issues regarding the maintenance and care of buildings and the property the building is situated on. The job consists of not only the building, but also of the surrounding land. The survey of land is used to establish things like boundaries, and land maps. Another kind of surveyor such as residential property surveyor might offer advice on the sale of a property. It is therefore important for you to know and understand what the specific duties are of a building surveyor.

1). One of the most important activities is to actually create the survey itself. The best vehicle to use to accomplish an idea of the state of a property would be to examine the building survey. As we mentioned, you might need a survey if you were selling the property. In other cases, you would be using the building survey if you were involved in renovating, or improving the building. A Building Survey examines all elements of the property.

2). Project Monitoring is important because each building surveyor has to monitor such things as the overall progress and impact of the project activities. These activities can include the project schedule, goals, objectives, performance indicators, and performance measures.

3). Party Wall Surveying involves anticipating how others outside the subject property might be effected. This will also include the process of finding out if there is going to be any disputes between neighbors of the adjoining building, as well as the building owner. The party wall survey must hold fast to all legislation and compliance laws.

4). Right of Light ebarks on the freedom for the neighborè¢''s right of light that they have been accustomed to. The use of light that the neighbors once had will be changed when the new building project is constructed. If a window or an opening has had 20 years or more of unobstructed daylight, it automatically receives the right to light. The new building reduces the amount of natural light coming in and will therefore be deemed as an obstruction.

5). Survey Access Consultants are responsible for examining the multiple uses of a building as well as it's accessibility. It involves not only the issue of ready movement to and around the building, but also the possible uses of the building to provide for people with disabilities.

6). Fire is always an issue in any building, and should therefore be addressed properly. The entire building will contain adequate and reliable fire safety features.

7). Design and Refurbishment will create a blueprint of the buildingè¢''s design architecture. This is also where an old building will receive a complete makeover to make it more appealing, and modern.

8). Planned Preventive Maintenance is when a competent representative will come by to make sure that the entire building project is going as planned. There job is to avoid any unscheduled breakdown and downtime.

9). Life Cycle Analysis should be included so that the building owner is aware of all the environmental impacts associated with all of the stages of the project. This will help to decide if the project should even be attempted, or what the additional environmental costs are going to be.

10). Insurance Reinstatement Valuations are done in case a disater happens and causes complete destruction of the building. This usually is a requirement of your buildings insurance.

11). Dilapidations and Lease Advice involve issues to prevent the project getting caught doing building repairs, and other alterations that would usually fall in the hands of the landlord.
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