Eliminate The Learning Curve On Internet Marketing, Save Yourself Years

 By: Breandon Smith
97% of Internet marketers fail. 1.5 billion people are on the Internet at any given time. So why is it that such a large percentage fail? Internet marketers are constantly running into a concrete wall trying to get leads and landings on their page. One of the problems is the elite marketers have such a deep pocket they can have all their pages/ads/keywords/sites all land on the first page of any Internet search engine. And believe me that costs a lot of money. Second is you are constantly bombarded while on the Internet with ads to the point you become numb to them and never pay attention. Internet marketers are constantly searching for more information and resources to effectively market their product, or landing page for their site.

I just now have finally cut the last membership for all the marketing sites that claim they can help you sell whatever product, or generate leads to your site. I have tried dozens of sites and after awhile you become numb to the same thing, all these sites promoting to help Internet marketers succeed beyond their wildest dreams. After all the money I have spent on everything you can imagine, I was finally turned to a site from a very successful marketer that he was a member of. This is what I am suggesting for you to search for. A site that offers free assistance on strategies from experienced marketers that you can read about their experiences to find out what to do and not to do.

The community that I was turned to is an example of what you should look for, they are out there, you just have to do your research. You can find forums and communities that are willing to share and give advice. They all have a goal of helping new members become successful on their marketing campaign. You may be overwhelmed at first by how many people offer to help you and all the resources given to you. You learn through these resources (a huge library of videos and written guides)a step by step guide on exactly what to do and not what to do. You get step by step guides on successful strategies on whatever your budget is. You should be able to access these marketers on the Internet by direct phone number and or email. These communities are awesome, the only way to fail is do exact opposite of what your mentors tell you and just sit on you butt watching TV.

Most of these communities take on a responsibility upon becoming a member. You take an oath that you will become a contributing member to your local and Internet community once you have become successful. Make sure the community DOES NOT take on every person that wants or is trying to make money on the Internet. See to it that they have a "funnel" type of system in place that takes and eliminates the couch potatoes from the serious entrepreneurs. Most start from the landing page, where you are asked to give your contact information, after watching a short video or a long page giving a simplified platform of what they teach you after membership. After the first page you can go on and read and do your research. After this you can decide if you are the type of person they are looking for and that they are the community that you have been looking for. If you decide to join the community then hopefully they have an application in place to insure that all members are goal driven and/or experienced. Again this helps in having only people out to share with each other and not a bunch of people out trying to self promote. Joining the right community can get you advice, one on one mentoring, successful strategy guides, and step by step guides based on your budget from experienced people who are serious about helping others.

I would suggest that all entrepreneurs and Internet marketers find a community or forum that helps and shares their strategies and their products that actually produce. It's in in your best interest to try and take the learning curve out of the equation. You can easily spend years looking for a good product to bring you in a consistent income and years learning how to effectively bring traffic to your site. Do not bother with the forums that have people trying to promote their services for a fee or give you a guarantee that seems too good to be true. A lot of these take your money and give you a terrible ebook or service that you could have done yourself for free,or you already knew. Another thing about these companies is that they make you jump through hoops to get your money back even though they state "no questions asked, refund immediately once requested." I have been burned so many times, too many to count. So please take from my experiences from years of marketing that if it sounds too good to be true than it most certainly is.

One more thing to be very cautious on is pay per click. Make sure you do a lot of research on this and you fully understand what you are getting into, and also research peoples personal experiences with this strategy. You can pay anywhere from $.02-7.00 for a visitor to go to you site. You can set this up and get bombarded with traffic within 24 hours from people that have no interest in your site. And you will end up with a large number of "non targeted" traffic that will get you no sales and a visit to bankruptcy court. I hope this helps and good luck with your home business.
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