For Women Only: A Woman's Guide to Success on Command

 By: Eileen Silva
For all the women out there who dream of a better life, more money, household help, relief from the pressures of trying to be a good parent, while holding down a job or two, equal opportunity with or without formal degrees or credentials, for those who dream of having incredible personal self confidence instead of low self esteem --- this oneâ€s for you.

In 1982, I, too, was struggling with two jobs and a household to run; I was also a schoolteacher. My idea of extravagance was going on one "nice" hotel vacation a year, and I always hoped that we would pick a good hotel, etc., so it would be really worth all the sacrifices that it was costing. I almost never got a massage or pedicure. After justifying the expenditure, I bought a half day of household help per week during the school year. I did my own laundry, grocery shopping, landscaping, and pool service. I had, by most average American standards, a "nice" home and a livable lifestyle, but it was NOT the lifestyle of the rich and famous. That was until Network Marketing created so much wealth for us that our only recourse was to spend it.

The year was 1995. That was the year we bought our estate, filled our lake with dozens of ducks, geese, and swans. We saw so much money accumulating that we made plans for, and then built, another palatial lakeside home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, got our irreplaceable full-time cook --- picture yourself sitting by the crackling fireplace in the winter while your maid fetches your morning paper, slides a steaming cup of freshly ground coffee in your hand, and takes your breakfast order.

Itâ€s all come true for me because I had a dream. First, I created a mentor relationship with some industry experts. I subsequently developed a plan. I have learned a secret about networking that virtually insures my success on command. Itâ€s a secret that can change your life, too.

I want to share with you what I know. If you will study these "guidelines" and follow them to the letter, you too can write your own ticket to success in MLM. I call these my 10 steps to becoming 10 feet tall and bulletproof in MLM today:

(1) Choose a company that has been in business at least two years and one that "has its act together," as opposed to one that just has "great products." In truth, almost all companies that survive have great products, but great products donâ€t sell themselves. Great promotions are what sell, PERIOD!!

(2) Choose a sponsor like a marriage partner. This is your most important link to the MLM brass ring. Sponsor yourself under the "wrong" person and your upline could erode your business and fail to give much needed constructive coaching, which enables you to make vital on-course corrections. No great athlete functions without a coach and few great MLMers do either;

(3) Become a multi-task specialist. Most women already are, so you likely already possess the supreme qualifications here. A multi-task specialist is someone who handles several tasks simultaneously and does a great job on all. As a working woman, a mother, a cook, a chauffeur, a phone operator, and an emergency room technician, you have probably already earned your stripes here. Most women have . . . and most men have not. This talent alone makes you a definite MLM superstar candidate;

(4) Spend a minimum of 20 minutes per day in "guided" personal development work. By that I mean, personal development books, tapes, exercises or seminars that are recommended by your mentor to help you overcome any self-sabotaging tendencies you may have and to keep you positively oriented;

(5) Develop new habits. You need to set-up a 21 day system which will lock in your financial production;

(6) Create your "name list" of at least 200 people you have met from all walks of life or fewer if you donâ€t want to earn as much. Ask your mentor for some help if you get stuck here;

(7) Recognize the major differences between how men approach MLM vs. how women approach it. You will almost never be successful giving them the same business opportunity presentation;

(8) Be coachable when you see your plan for financial freedom developing, and be coachable when things donâ€t work. I believe that anyone can be led into seeing that "brass ring" and "rainbowâ€s end" in the industry, anyone that is, who will listen to, and follow, a simple 1-2-3 step process;

(9) Realize that your family, friends, co-workers, and environment will surely try to sabotage you the minute you begin to be successful in creating your home-based empire. A careful coaching program can prevent you from self-destructing when a spouse, parent, or other person thinks you are crazy . . . or worse yet, runs you down for believing in yourself;

(10) Since you can start nearly any home-based business for just a few hundred dollars in supplies, training and products, there is no reason for you to do more industry study before getting started. The worst thing that can happen, if you join in a company today and it ultimately doesnâ€t make it, is that you would learn a lot and earn nothing or very little. When you think about it, thatâ€s better odds than enrolling in college where you will learn who knows what to prepare you for something that may not exist by the time you have completed your degree and will cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands, whether it can lead to a career or not. If you donâ€t believe me here, ask your doctor (whoâ€s probably working twice as hard for half the money he earned 5 years ago, the victim of managed health care). His career in medicine is certainly not what it used to be before all the HMOâ€s took over the health industry.

I personally have spent tens of thousands on college and have degrees in English, Home Economics, and Sociology, with a Masters in Counseling and education. It pains me to report that my highest income in my chosen profession was less than $40,000.00 a year after 18 years of practice and all the merit advancements.

I now make more than twice that amount each month. I did not know such earning potential really existed for me, and I certainly didnâ€t know that all that advanced education --- would be a hindrance to my MLM success, because I would try too hard to "figure everything out" my first few years and never make any money (although I collected a lot of information and tips from other distributors). I call that "the blind leading the blind."

Be smarter than I was. Recognize that you, as a woman, (an estimated 70% of networkers are women), will be starting on level playing field with every other beginner, every other expert and talented person . . . and, armed with these insights, you will have the greatest inside knowledge of how to make it work. Therefore, you will be a guaranteed superstar if you donâ€t give up too soon or deviate from these guidelines.

There is nothing --- NOTHING --- you cannot achieve if you team up with people who have a proven track record and commit to being undaunted by failure.

This little school teacher from Escalon, California has learned that about the only way you could "mess up" with this plan is to make it harder than it is supposed to be by complicating it with the addition of more steps. You deserve to create that life you love. You deserve to be pampered and to spend quality time with your family. You deserve to set your own schedule. You have never seen a better time to enter network marketing than right now --- TODAY. You can have it all just like I do! Let network marketing open up these possibilities for you, and I promise you will never be the same again!

Copyright 2006 Dr. Eileen Silva
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