Guide to Mountain Bike Parts and Repair

 By: Leah Williams
A mountain bike is an expensive item and it certainly pays to keep it in good condition. Every now and again there are going to be certain parts that need replacing and regular cleaning is also important. If you do notice something is wrong with it then it is a good idea to try and get it fixed straight away. Not only will the bike be more enjoyable to ride but there are less likely to be accidents or problems caused by malfunctioning parts. Maintaining your own mountain bike is simple to do. The key is to start by learning the small servicing tasks before moving on to the larger maintenance tasks.

Carrying out regular servicing on your bike will prevent costly damage being caused. Washing the bike thoroughly after a ride is the first step. This should be followed by a thorough check over for damage. The gears may need to be adjusted, the brakes may need setting and any worn components need replacing as soon as possible. If you learn to carry out these tasks yourself you will save yourself a great deal of money. You will also save yourself time as you don't have to send the bike off to be repaired. It may seem daunting to start with but in fact changing brake pads or a chain or even removing cranks is not that hard. With a little knowledge and a couple of tools that are right for the job this work can be done yourself. Knowing how to do your own repairs also means you can set off on your mountain bike for longer distances.

Generally speaking you should aim to give your mountain bike a quick wash and service after every ride, or after approximately 50 kms of riding. You should start with a thorough wash of your mountain bike. To wash the bike correctly, start by wiping the front shock followed by the back shock. Wipe them down thoroughly including the dust seals which should be clean and free from any oil. Next you should wipe the chain with a dry, clean cloth. Any old lubricant should be wiped off the chainrings. The chain should then have lubricant reapplied. If your mountain bike is particularly dirty or you went for a particularly long ride then you may want to give your bike a more thorough cleaning. For this you will need warm soapy water and a range of scrubbing brushes so that even the oil and dirt in hard to reach places can be removed.

The bike should be examined to check it is working correctly. Start with the wheels and ensure they are secured tightly. Check the brakes are working well and none of the parts are loose. The handlebars should also be tight and not moving around. Check to make sure the gears are working well and can be changed easily. Adjust the tyre pressure too so it is at its optimum level. A bike with not enough air in the tyres is hard to ride and can damage the wheel parts too. Regular attention to the chain on your mountain bike is important. Every 1000kms or so the chain should be replaced or when it is looking worn. Any part on the bike that you notice is looking worn should be replaced straight away.

If you follow these steps then your bike will stay functioning well for many years. If you need new mountain bike parts then you should purchase them online. They are often cheaper online than in local shops. From a bicycle brake lever to bmx bike parts, cheap deals can be found online. All of the mountain bike parts get sent straight to your door too.
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