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 By: Sachin Kumar Airan
Landmark or Historical properties are protected for preservation but there are many reasons to consider buying one of these older homes and properties that have exceptional qualities or historical value. No doubt many would love to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) home. Of the 532 homes built during the life of FLW, over 400 remain in landmark status, and a few are still standing in mn mls locations.

The Mississippi Valley Clinic owned by Dr. Herman T. Fasbender and the Hallway at Institute of Arts owned by Francis W. Little House II are famous FLW properties in Minneapolis. However, there are many landmark properties of different styles of architecture located all over the city of Minneapolis mls. Take a stroll over to the Bardwell - Ferrant House in South Minneapolis and dream about all the possibilities for life in a home as uncommon as this or "the common man" architecture on Milwaukee Avenue.

The past can blend with the new but many buyers find that owning a historic or landmark home a daunting process and ardent amount of labor if not love. People should realize that there are many false assumptions about owning historical properties before they decide that they neither can afford it nor fantasize about it.

Landmark properties are protected from being raised to the ground and the city's Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) can issue a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) that prevents demolition but only for 180 days. This grace period allows investors to realize that a home that retains its heritage will be a deterrent to any structure that will be built as the landmark's neighbor.

Indeed, during that time, prospective owners should consider maintaining the historic property because these property values increase over time and add to the historical value of the neighborhood. The unique characteristics often described in mn ml listings attract people in the first place. Investors also think that there are many restrictions on renovation but this is not true. The few restrictions only require maintaining the defining character of the property. External appearances are usually more important than the interior designs. Modernizing a property is often the reasons that these extraordinary homes endure from generation to generation. A historical home can also be a family heirloom. Not only are there elite structures but there are also modest homes too within many people's budgets.

Contrary to some beliefs, Historical properties are very good for business. The national renovation of commercial districts has brought more than 41.6 billion dollars in new investments with 349,148 new jobs and 77,799 new businesses. The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota in 2009 introduced a tax credit for the reuse and rehabilitation of historical and landmark properties. Stillwater, Hastings and Red Wing are all communities that have benefited from successful economic developments because they participated in the Main Street Program, which is a division of The Preservation Alliance of Minnesota.

When the warmer weather arrives, take a walking tour of one or two regions of Minneapolis or other areas of Minnesota. Look at the refined qualities of architecture in both new and older generation homes. There will be some surprises in the Twin Cities as Minneapolis has land-marked some modern structures too.
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