How Panic Attack Symptoms Might Affect You

 By: Mclean Dearth
A persons whole life or body can be affected by panic attack symptoms. You should always seek medical attention if you feel you are having symptoms related to any disorder. When you look over these below do take into account that other things do cause some of the same things to happen to an individual.

Rapid heart beat, pounding heart or palpitations and these are just a few things that can cause this but if combined with some of these other symptoms could be dangerous to your health. Sweating is another one that by itself is not harmful but can be disgusting to have happen all the time.

Shaking can be something you feel on the inside or it can be serious enough to be visible to others. There are times that the person must stop what they are doing and wait for it to pass before they can continue with what they were doing.

You can get a choking sensations or what feels like a lump in your throat. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling that some people have a lot of trouble coping with.

Some people have shortness of breath or even feel like they are smothering. If a sensation of not being able to catch your breath or get a enough air happens this can be very scary to people at times.

When you start to become physically uncomfortable, that is when people normally worry. Chest pain is usually the number one symptom in itself that will make you seek medical attention.

Some symptoms can be combined like bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain and nausea you can have them all at once or just one at a time. Feeling light headed or dizzy can be harmful to the person if they do not sit down until it wears off because they could fall or faint.

Fear of losing control can affect a person just like depersonalization were you feel outside of yourself or De-realization when a person feels all dreamy. All of these can cause a person to be uneasy or even confused in their own daily routine.

You know that feeling you get when you foot or hand falls asleep well that's actually called parenthesis. It can affect a persons whole body, their face or extremities at anytime .

These are not the only panic attack symptoms that a person can have but most of them. Watch for the symptoms so that you can make sure to get to a doctor if you think you are having a panic attack.
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Specialists think that the causes of panic attacks are a combination of genetics, biological, environment or social elements surrounding an individual. It can happen at any time any place without any forewarning or signs. If left untreated, it can result in severe complications and disorder. Luckily, you'll find medications, remedies and therapies that can help reduce this dilemma. To far better realize this difficulty, let's pinpoint first what triggers panic attack it in the first place.

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