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 By: Nicholas Copernicus
A living will gives your doctor permission to withdraw or even withhold life support systems under certain conditions. Filling out a living will form will declare that you desire to die a natural death, and that you do not want extraordinary medical treatment nor do you want hydration used to keep you alive if there is no hope for recovery.

Each and every one of us has what is called "patient's rights", as a patient you have the basic right to control the decisions about your medical care and treatment. This includes the right to declare to never be given artificial life support.

If you are not competent or able to communicate you no longer have patient rights and the doctor will make your medical decisions for you. If you fill out a living will form before you become incapacitated you can designate some one to make decisions for you and write any decisions you`ve made about your medical treatment.

For a living will form to be legally effective you must meet 3 requirements. The first requirement is you must be at least 18 years old and of sound mind when you sign it. The second requirement is your living will must contain specific statements. The third is you must sign your living will in front of two qualified witnesses then get it signed by either a notary public or the clerk of superior court.

The two witnesses are not allowed to be related to you or your spouse, they can not be people who will inherit property from you, you can not get your doctor or his/her fellow employee's to sign it, and you can not have some one with a claim against you to sign it.

How you store your document is by putting the original copy in a safe place you can access, and giving every appropriate person who needs to know about your living will a copy.

Artificial nutrition or hydration describes the use of feeding tubes or other invasive means to give someone food or water.

Extraordinary means or medical treatment includes any medical procedure which artificially postpones the moment of death by supporting or replacing a vital bodily function.

You are considered to be in a persistent vegetative - state if you have had a complete loss of self-aware cognition (you are a vegetable), and you will die soon without the use of extraordinary medical treatment or artificial nutrition or hydration.
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Making a will can be an emotionally challenging experience. The fallout from a poorly or provocatively worded will can cause a huge amount of pain for those you love, and can lead to schisms that would cause you no small amount of heartache if you were to witness them. The importance of getting a will just right is all the more important because you cannot be called back to iron out any inconsistencies in the wording - or any omissions.
Your will - otherwise known as your Last Will and Testament - is effectively your last word on this planet. It is what will be left when you have passed away, and its intention is to divide up your remaining material possessions amongst your loved ones in a fair and even manner so that disputes over such items can be avoided. A will allows you to put your affairs in order and have one less worry in your final days.
Leaving items behind for your loved ones means the chance to leave a final gift that will provide them with something to remember you by. It also means an opportunity to see to it that, if you have made a large amount of money and saved it, your family will never need to know financial hardship should times get tougher. Making a will allows you to have your final word, and because it is legally binding it is one list of wishes that will come true. This is an opportunity to get things right and leave a legacy for which you will be remembered. So it is as good a time as any to be completely sure about what you say.

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