Inguinal Hernia Information and Symptoms

 By: Groshan Fabiola
Inguinal hernia is a disease that affects millions of people, one of the most widespread types of hernia. But many do not know about its existence and it is the subject of very few medical articles and books.

Inguinal hernia occurs when some of the tissue that is part of the intestine pushes through a spot in the abdominal wall. As a result, severe pain can appear. Pain increases if someone who suffers from inguinal hernia lifts something heavy, coughs or makes some specific types of movements.

Inguinal hernia symptoms are different from one person to another, so you can't say that there are some signs that appear at everyone suffering from this hernia, but there are some that manifest quite often. So what is listed here does not have to apply to you. For information that applies to you, visit your doctor.
The most common inguinal hernia symptoms are groin pain and lump and intestinal blockage in severe cases. Men often complained of pain in the scrotum. The most common symptom is a large bulge that can easily be seen and felt.

The disease itself is not dangerous, but if it is not treated it may lead to severe complications that may even lead to death in some extreme cases.
This is why doctors recommend surgery as soon as inguinal hernia is starting to cause pain or it is starting to grow.
In the past, the surgery for inguinal hernia involved a large opening in the abdomen followed by a long time spent in the hospital for recovery, but nowadays the surgical tehniques have improved a lot and the operation can be done in a much easier way and without weeks of recovery in the hospital.

Even some children have been diagnosticated with inguinal hernia but these cases were rare. Inguinal hernia can sometimes appear at newborns because the abdominal wall is weak at birth. It can easily be detected because the bulge created is visible, especially when the child coughs.
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In medical terminology, many terms are used such as bulging disc, pinched nerve, slipped disc or ruptured disc to describe herniated disc. Spine damage caused by disease, injury or normal wear and tear can lead to herniated disc. Herniated disc condition is the result of inflammation of the disc material caused by aging and compression on the nerve system.
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