Irritable Bowel Treatment - Can You Cure It in Just a Week?

 By: Michael Tanner
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is an ordinary disorder of the bowel that can lead to gassiness, bloating, cramps and frequent visit to the bathroom. So if you are lucky enough to be experiencing any of these symptoms, don't fret, it can be cure in just a week. If you are planning to do something exciting in two weeks time, read on to know the best irritable bowel treatment to take.


Pure peppermint oil - This is an excellent treatment to your bowel movements. It has an anti-spasmodic and pain killing properties to greatly relieve the pain and fix your problem in no time. Enteric capsule is the best to offer quick relief, so make sure to pick this brand.

Fiber Supplements - It is another highly effective treatment that uses fiber. If you are constantly constipated or diarrheic make sure to include plenty of fiber food into your weekly diet.

Parasites - Another wise move to help you quickly relive the discomfort brought by this disorder, especially if the symptoms are more than a week, is a visit to your doctor to check yourself for Giardia parasites, where if found positive, your physician can prescribed the best medication to take out the parasites out of your system.

Avoid Acidic Food - We all know that some food can cause acidic reaction to a person. That is why a lot of people can sometimes develop diarrhea or constipation. If you are one of them, modify your diet or avoid these kinds of food, such as dairy products, alcohol, coffee, beef, rye, spicy foods, barley, wheat, all of whom either cause acidic problem or can trigger your symptoms. If you can't avoid eating those kinds of food, you can at least try to lessen your food intake.

Stress and Trauma - Stress or trauma could be another factor to your bowel disorder. So if your life is full of stress, try reducing the level of stress through meditation. A relaxed state of mind and body can help your stomach function properly. You may not entirely believe this, but it is proven.

IBS is not known to cause any serious or organic diseases. Although in some cases you may be experiencing severe pain causing you to stop from your daily activities, nevertheless, it does not lead to any serious ailments.

Keeping your condition to yourself may not be such a good idea. If the problem persists consult your physician right away, it's the best thing you can do for your self. Being an informed patient, you can discuss some of the unpleasant symptoms and options on which to treat your IBS, plus medications can also be prescribed.

Keep in mind that not everyone with IBS are the same. They could probably experience bleeding as well, and it's an indication of a more serious problem or it may not. Only a laboratory test could confirm the real status of your health. Remember knowing the real problem why you have persistent IBS can greatly help you in the long run, especially when it comes to the treatments.
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