Juggling with Grace: An Art Form for Busy Women

 By: Corrie Woods
Too Many Balls in the Air!

I am sure at some point you have heard the term, "I've got way too many balls in the air." In fact, you most likely uttered these words yourself. Implied in this kind of statement is the fear that you might drop one of the balls; the fear that if you pause to catch you breath all the balls will hit the ground and things in your life will get crazy. Too many balls in the air can translate into a weekly schedule like this:

Go to a full time job
Soccer practice with the kids Tuesday and Thursday evening
Volunteering on Monday Morning
Company coming in from out of town this weekend
Water the garden
Pay the bills
Wash the clothes
Make the meals
Clean the house

Sometimes even mundane life can feel all over the map and focus is difficult. Perhaps the problem is that on your big, long priorities list your name doesn't show up anywhere. When you are juggling you can experience stress, resentment, fatigue, a lack of enthusiasm, a loss of control or overwhelming discomfort.

So What Can You Do To Make A Positive Transition?

You can continue to toss balls at a break neck speed and simply hope to keep up if that is what you want. However, consider trying out a new skill! Any busy woman can master the art of Juggling with Grace. This new skill requires a shift in your thinking, a bit of creative brainstorming, and a dose of support to ensure lasting change.

Start Juggling With Grace Through Practical Personal Empowerment

Here are the down to earth basics: In order to shift from way too many balls in the air to Juggling with Grace you have to make a plan, which has to be obtainable and you need to elicit support. Change in behavior takes time. If your familiar habit is to live in the high gear, fast lane then you will have to down shift, change lanes and get used to a more comfortable speed that supports new and improved behavior.

Beginners Steps in the Process of Change Management

Step One: Create a climate for positive change. Take exceptional care of yourself in order to have the time, energy or interest to care effectively for others. This will allow you to craft a more balanced life. Take personal time, nurture your body with healthy foods and exercise, practice open and honest communication, and simplify your life.

Step Two: Get really clear about where you spend your time and in turn, what areas of life are out of balance. I often use a simple assessment called the Circle of Life to paint this picture. Take a piece of paper and draw a big circle in the middle. Divide the circle into 8 equal parts. One the outside of each circle and label the tip of each dividing line as follows: Finances, Health and Well Being, Relationships, Career/Work, Personal Growth, Creativity, Recreation. Now, ask yourself, on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being completely dissatisfied and 10 being completely satisfied) how you would rate each part of your life? The center of the circle represents zero and the outer edge a whopping 10. Make a mark on each line to reflect your conclusions. Then connect the dots and you will find your circle is misshapen. This is a simple, yet powerful way to spotlight what needs your attention to achieve greater balance.

Step Three: Take one small step at a time to regain balance. Finances out of whack? Schedule a day to organize your files and records. Health and wellness less than idea1? Begin drinking 8 ounces of water a day. Get the idea? Start small and before you know it you will wake up to a life you have created rather than a life that has created you.

Step Four: Get support. Find a buddy to team up with, communicate to your loved ones about what is happening, and gather with women whose stories remind you, you are not alone.

When you take the time to step back and craft your life, to reflect on what's most important and on what makes your heart sing, what once was the stress of too many balls in the air beautifully transforms into peace of mind. This is what occurs when you juggle with fun and grace.
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