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 By: Joseph Carter
Nicole saw her weight climb up 60 pounds following her separation from her significant other. A part of the weight gain correlated to the medication that she was consuming, but most of it comes from what is called emotional eating. Currently, there has been an increased focus on the matter of emotional eating. As a matter of fact, many experts say that most weight gain is a result of emotional eating in both men and famales. As a matter of fact, Women Today magazine has calculated that as much as 75 percent of gorging is linked to emotions.

For numerous individuals, overeating is rooted in anxiousness. For example, if you find yourself eating an entire package of cookies, it is feasible that anxiety has something to do with it. Many individuals see the risks in employing alcohol and drugs as outlets for anxiety, but do not understand that using food in order to fight anxiety can be damaging also.

In some cases, overeating may be a sign of depression. If you feel drawn, helpless, and have lost interest in hobbies that you usually enjoy, you may be sustaining from depression. Many individuals may turn to food in order to assist themselves cheer up when going through a depressive episode. Overeating in food can lead to weight gain, which may cause the person to feel worse about themselves.

In numerous instances, binging may simply be a sign of boredom. Sometimes, when there is nothing else to do, an individual may conclude that they may as well eat. This seems to occur mostly when people are watching television or surfing the internet. In oppostion to gorging, one can pick up a new hobby to indulge in, in order to alleviate their boredom.

Determining whether or not you're an emotional eater can be quite challenging. Here are some important questions for you to ask yourself to decide this: Do I eat when I'm afraid, worried, or mourning. Does eating improve my modality? Does eating restrain me from engaging in things that I enjoy? Do I go on a binge following some sort of disappointment? Have I turned to eating in order to with a death in the family or a failed relationship? If your answer yes to any of the questions above, then you may be stuffing due to emotional grounds.

Once you have verified that you are an emotional eater, you must start acquiring new habits in order to change your behavior. The most effective means to combat overindulging may just be to find something else to do. If you have just gone through a life changing event like losing a loved one, engage in a new physical action like kickboxing, running, or dancing to cope with the emotional trauma. You could even do something more inert like an art class or crochet. Once you get in the habit of physical activity, you will determine that your want to binge begins to go away.

You can likewise take steps to work out exactly what it is that gets you to eat for emotional causes. What time of day do you typically overindulge? Do you snack while watching tv or working at the cpu? By identifying what situations get you to overindulge, you can shift your behavioral practices and walk a healthier course.

It may also be facilitative to prepare a web of backing to help you fight overeating. Your friends can include your significant other, children, parents, friends, along with other overeaters. There are also groups that specify in aiding binge eaters that you could join. If you experience the urge to binge, get in touch with someone in your support group. Discussing your emotions could give you the sentimental escape that you necessitate, negating the impulse to gorge.

If your conflicts with anxiety or depression carry on, look into visiting with a psychotherapist. They can help you in creating a better coping mechanism. If the matter is too personal for you and you do not desire to talk to friends or family members about your issue, a psychotherapist can help you with the conversational therapy you may need to beat your issue.
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