Let Eating Be Your Exercise

 By: Arthor Pens
Fibercise is the beeline buzzword for combining diet and exercise using pure devour power. Getting healthy and in shape is now so simple and easy that there is no longer any excuse for not having the perfect attractive sexy beautiful body everyone admires!

Don't like running or barbells? Don't like aerobics, calisthenics or sweating at the gym? Well forget about them! You do not like them, sure, and the great thing is you do not need them either!

Don't like giving up sweets? Don't like limiting the amount of food you eat? Well forget about it! You do not want to deprive yourself, sure, and the great thing is you do not need to either!

Hey, we all like to eat and we do not like to exercise. We also do not like being fat and this combination of our likes and dislikes creates a tough problem to tackle as you probably already frustratingly figured out much to the chagrin of your fantasized firm figure ideal.

Instead of letting your ideal fantasy slip away, you can start right now to chip away at that stubborn granite block to make a statue so beautiful, it will make Michelangelo pop out his eyes in disbelief! You are now the master artist and Fibercise is your combination hammer and chisel.

It is so easy! All you have to do is eat food filled with fiber. It will fill you too, but with a full feeling rather than a fat frame. You'll be burning calories in the very act of eating. From chewing your food with your mouth to digesting food in your stomach, you'll get the most effective exercise results possible. And get this here fact of life... fiber cannot even be digested! It will just pass through! Bowelward bound! That's the audacity of fiber!

Fiber from whole food will keep your intestines in shape and thus keep your whole body in shape. You will no longer need to fear food or have any shred of guilt for not having exercised. The very Utopical action of eating your food will be exercise that is shredding away the pounds! The food goes in and the food goes out. In and out, in and out, eating is the ultimate workout! Fibercise is making the best use of basic internal body mechanics for optimum health engineering.

The whole program is simply that of eating whole foods. If you eat grains, eat only whole sprouted grains containing fiber. If you eat fruit, and it is a great sweet you can eat and eat, eat only whole fruit containing the water. Do not eat dried fruits or drink fruit juice, as they are too concentrated, meaning you do not have to work as hard to load up on calories. It defeats the whole purpose of putting you in the program of a habitual health enhancing lifestyle... the Fibercise lifestyle!

Your mouth needs to suck the juice from the fruit while consuming the whole fruit. It is only in consuming the whole fruit that you have the balanced nutrition to balance out your weight. Your body needs to work with all the elements of the product you ingest. You need the protein of whole food and all food that is whole has it because it was once if not still alive, and life cannot exist without protein. The fresher your food, the better, because life comes from life. You also need the moisture of foods to move the fiber they contain. Do drink plenty of water, but make sure enough of it is in your food as to not make you thirst.

What should you do if you do not want to fibercise and instead eat food that's incomplete? Heat up some water and infuse it with herbs to make tea. You can have all kinds of tea flavors depending on what herbs you put in the water. Sipping hot tea is a great way to get your taste buds busy and satisfied. It also is a good time to reflect and meditate. Relax and unwind with a few refreshing cups of whatever is your favorite. Chewing non fattening gum can also help as well as eating air. Yes, you can eat air to release the tension of hunger and make it disappear. Just walk while deep breathing. That is a few ways to curb the munchies if you find you have too much food craving. Another way to fight hunger is to get plenty of sleep as sometimes our body confuses the need for sleep with the need for food. So instead of sneaking a snack, hit the sack!

Bananas are a complete and perfect food. Given a choice, our primates will eat nothing but bananas. They instinctively know what is best to eat. If you are too heavy and you eat bananas, you will lose weight. If, however, you are too lightweight, bananas will help you gain. The convenience of bananas cannot be beat, just peel and eat. If by chance you buy more than you can eat, then before they spoil just peel and freeze them. Take them out of the freezer when you are ready and let them thaw enough to mash. What you get is a tasty desert treat, which serves as a replacement for ice cream.

If you eat nuts, eat them whole. The same goes with seeds. Turning the nuts or seeds to butter is a job regulated to your teeth, not a processor. There is great wisdom in the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It does not say applesauce or to peel the apple first. It refers to biting and eating an actual whole apple.

Eat whole health-providing unprocessed food in its natural form. That is the philosophy of Fibercise contained in a nutshell. And in the Fibercise routine, there is no limit to the number of apples you can eat! So have an apple or two with every meal and even more before and after, it's no big deal.

You can shop at the grocery store and buy as much food as you want and eat as much as you want of your purchase any time you want. Does that sound good to you? With Fibercise you can do it, but only as long as that food comes from the produce department. So go ahead, go to the produce department and knock yourself out. You will also be knocking off the pounds.

Do you have dried beans, peas, or lentils lying around the kitchen? Grab a handful, throw them in a glass of water, and wait a few hours. Put your hand over the glass, separating your fingers just enough to let out the water while you tip it over the sink. What you have is the next best thing to eating them straight from your garden. Wait a few days with some rinses in-between and you'll have sprouts, which are also snack worthy and can be planted to actually start a garden. Use a pitcher with a straining lid for pouring if you want to make a big batch for your garden patch. Growing your own food would make sense as the next level of the Fibercise way for living right, but after working in your garden you might want to kick back the level by having someone else feed you grapes for a decadent delight.

If you have a yard with lots of dandelions, well, guess what? That makes your yard a garden too, and you did not even have to work at growing the food because those ubiquitous weeds are not weeds! They are a flowering food. Dandelions are a darn dandy edible dish. Every part of a dandelion plant right down to the root is good to pick and eat as long as they haven't been mistreated with poisonous chemicals.

Fibercise is combining diet and exercise as one and the same. Nothing else could be handier. Men will look manlier. Women... regain a feminine figure and attract men to you, by eliminating junk from the menu. Eschew foods you cannot chew, and drink only plain water or tea. Eat your vegetables and eat them raw, remembering that leafy greens will make you strong and lean and celery sticks will not stick anywhere on you or in you!

Fluid-swollen melons for breakfast? Champion idea! Just you, and the melons too. Make it a date and do not hesitate. Assimilate! Assimilation is what happens when you thoroughly masticate what's on your plate. It's the bite thing to do for a healthy slim new you. Excess weight other diets eventually create, will not be your fate, so don't fall for that bad bait, regulate your weight. Why wait? To let eating be your exercise is a top-rate checkmate. So Fibercise and lose unwanted weight at a steady gait. Fibercise will let you look and feel fantastically great!
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