Main Reasons for Infertility

 By: Chris Burhans
Having unprotected sex without birth control for a period of six to 12 months without getting pregnant indicates the potential for infertility. This could be due to biological or psychological contributing factors. Infertility could also be the cause of a woman's inability to maintain and successfully deliver a fully developed infant. There are numerous contributing factors for infertility. While the root of the cause of infertility could lie between the male or female partner, there are studies that indicate the woman is two thirds more likely to be the reason behind the instance of infertility. The remaining one third of the cases relate to the male's sperm irregularity and motility, along with other unknown factors.

Why are women infertile? Some standard established culprits of infertility include an existing hormonal imbalance, structural reproductive defects, or existing medical illnesses. Further, medical mishaps like mechanical or chemical disturbances or potent drugs may also have negative impacts on a woman's fertility.

The number one common cause in the world for infertility in women is pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease generally infects the pelvis and reproductive organs. When it comes to organs and the reproductive process, inflammation, infection, and trauma can undermine the structure and functionality, making the process of having a baby rather complicated. Long-term conditions of invading microorganisms have the potential to create scarring inside the womb, causing possible blood poisoning or even ectopic pregnancies.

Further, there are other medical conditions that actually contribute to difficulties and deficiencies that develop within the ovaries, adrenal gland, and thyroid gland. Whether this complication lies in the adrenal gland or the thyroid gland, an increase of prolactin occurs. Prolactin causes the female's breast to produce breast milk, which in turn reduces or stops ovulation. Increased prolactin levels have multiple destructive effects on the human body to include pituitary tumors, along with infertility difficulties.

Surgeries conducted on or in the womb have the tendency to leave scarring and may also lead to difficulty conceiving. The new scar tissue behaves like obstacles impeding the smoothness and passage of the egg on its way to the fallopian tubes. Abortions are also known to commonly leave scar tissue that could prove to be just as obstructive to the transporting egg or sperm making a fertile union impossible.

Some drug substances have the capability of impeding fertility, like antidepressants, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medications. This is a known common cause for many cases of infertility in men. Not to mention, there are also indirect complications to the female's body from the use of these same substances. These effects usually include the reduction of estrogen and essential hormones, like Latinizing, needed for the proper development of an egg.

So, why do males become infertile? The male's sperm is usually the center of fertility focuses. How the sperm looks and moves become the main priority. The condition of the sperm may be as such that there is a very small amount available or what is available is of very bad quality. Badly made sperm is usually incapable of swimming or cannot find the right direction to swim. In other instances of infertility, the sperm is actually ill-formed and incapable of any directional movement. One of the potential contributing factors of badly made sperm is improperly descended or developed testes. In the case of under-descended testes, this means that it stays within the body instead of descending down into the testicular sac, for the purpose of proper reproductive functions.

There are numerous responses to the concerns of the cause of infertility. This particular problem of conception is not an isolated fault of men or women, as both genders have been found with this condition. Any member of a couple who has been identified as the contributing factor to consistent non-conception should never lose hope. Available infertility options and treatments are growing, as more and more advances in modern science and natural holistic methods are made just about every day.
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