Manager's Guide To Go Karting Corporate Events In Melbourne

 By: Mia Cusack
A logistics guide for those behind the wheel of karting events

For employees, corporate events are simply a bit of fun ... the chance to socialise and talk with their workmates about something other than work, and perhaps have a beer before 5 o'clock! For those on the organising side of corporate events in Melbourne, they are a little trickier. Go karting corporate events in Melbourne are extremely popular, and today we help out managers and organisers everywhere with a handy guide to logistics, both beforehand and on the day.

Separate managerial planning from logistics

Most corporate events planners advise having a measurable goal for your corporate events in Melbourne ... even if it's as simple as making sure that 95% of attendees have fun! However, it will simplify things greatly if this goal setting, managerial planning and evaluation functions are separated from logistics (though they should certainly consult each other).

Set up an employee consultation phase

Rather like the public consultation phase that a local council initiates before doing major works, you should also share a planned agenda and guidelines like whether guests are allowed with your staff. Note any widespread concerns, and adjust the plans for your corporate event in Melbourne accordingly.

Review proposals

Go karting sounds like a simple day out for a corporate events Melbourne - but it is still advisable to check in with several venues and get written proposals. Look for a track that can tailor a karting day to your budget and needs, can brand the venue to match your company materials, and offer catering in-house to greatly simplify your day.

Customize your format

Think about the go kart racing format that will achieve the best results for your corporate event in Melbourne. For example:

- Will you implement handicaps?

- Do you have a way to ensure that everybody gets as much track time as each other?

- Will you be handing out prizes? Consider handing out prizes for people in the middle of the scoreboard, or for those who came the closest to getting a particular lap time, to avoid singling anyone out for either positive or negative reasons.

A go karting track that is experienced with corporate events in Melbourne will have some great ideas for your organisation in this area - use their expertise!

Create a checklist

This is the best way to make sure that you remember to do everything that is necessary, in terms of logistics. You'll want to include items like:

- Setting an agenda

- Sending out invitations

- Collecting RSVPs and determining final attending numbers

- Arranging catering

- Setting a drinks policy

- Arranging transport if necessary

- Arranging replacement staff or a staggered event to allow semi-normal operations, if necessary

- Having any printed materials made

- Reviewing and confirming the budget

- Arranging prizes or awards

Think about delegating some responsibility

If you're running a fairly large corporate event in Melbourne it will probably be appropriate to delegate some responsibility to other staff members. For example, your company social club head can be in charge of RSVPs, your human resource manager in charge of communicating policies for the day, etc.

After-event tasks

After your corporate event in Melbourne, you'll need to:

- Inventory all your company materials that came along

- Write some notes on how the day went while it is fresh in your mind, to help plan for next time.

- Do your financial reconciliation

And don't forget to discuss with the managerial planning team whether you feel the goal for your corporate event in Melbourne was achieved!
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