Market Trends of American Silver Eagle Coins in 2011

 By: JL Collins
Every year a new batch of American silver eagle with a new year marked on it will be released. Silver coins can be brought from silver dealers, jewelry stores and bullion dealers. This year American silver eagles with the year marked 2011 have been released in the month of January and since investing in silver has become a super-hot trend now, the sales are rocketing high. The end of last year has seen record level sales of silver coins, which was like an all-time high since the beginning of sale of silver coins. This only point at one thing, it's just the right time to invest in silver.

If you have looked at the way the price of silver boomed in the past ten years, you would be amazed for sure. A decade back in 2001 a bunch of 100 silver coins were available for about seven dollars which now costs about $30. Ten years back silver wasn't a big hit among the investors and those who did are reaping the benefits of it now. A profit percentage of about 350 in ten years is more than what anyone would ask for. This trend is going to continue and there is still time to invest in it and enjoy the earning with it on a long term.

If you are still skeptical about investing in American silver eagle coins, then there are a couple of things that you should know about. They might possibly help you in changing your mindset to investing into silver coins. You can add all your silver coins and silver investments into your retirement account and then you can diversify it into various other ways. American silver eagle coins are legally allowed to be included into the IRA. American silver eagles are guaranteed by the government of the United States of America. These are the only silver coins that are certified for purity of the silver and the weight of the coin and its content. Each silver coin must weight exactly one troy ounce and should have silver which is 99.9% pure.

Buying and selling them back is a very simple deal and there are no hassles involved in it. Silver coins can be sold anywhere in the world as silver is silver and its value will remain the same. So there won't be any problem to find a dealer nearby to sell it back or initially when you are buying the silver too. With silver coins you don't have to worry much about reporting to the IRS. Most other precious metal investments will have such hassles involved with it generally. With American silver eagle coins you don't have to take the trouble of filling those messy 1099b forms.

The price of silver is booming so much that even in the past 18 months the amount of growth is amazing 85% and hence there is never a wrong time to invest in silver. Even if you put in your money today and wait for a while you are still assured of having very good benefits. So think no more, you won't regret your decision to invest in silver.With so many factors like uncertain global economy, weakening of the US dollar value and increase in the demand of silver etc. The price of silver will surely reach new heights by this year end and hence market analysts are sure about the rise of silver price even more in the coming months ahead.
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