Motivational Speaker: DEPRESSION - Breaking The Ninja's Grip (Part 1)

 By: Dennis Andrew
You got it. Let me tell you how. And you're hearing it right from the horse's mouth. I was at the bottom of this can. Now I'm close to what I determine the top to be. In my eyes, that would be absolute confidence, success, and humility.

We all know what "lack of confidence" is, so I'm not going to give you my story. I'll just give you the key and show you where to use it.

We are a product of our self-image. In other words, we are what we are because of what we believe ourselves to be. The image we hold of ourselves gets programmed into our subconscious mind and then our brain takes it as an instruction to find or make that. The problem is that most of us are unaware that this is how it works so we ruin it for others and don't correct it in ourselves. Because we don't know that it works this way, particularly when we're kids, we let others create this image of what we are. The system still works the same way, in that the image held gets imprinted onto the subconscious mind.

So the formula is very simple. Drinking it is the difficult part. Kinda. The key is to create the image you want of yourself, and hold it in your thoughts. Focus on it...feel it.

You must get exceptions. Get a piece of paper and start writing. There is a psychological reason for this. Figure out everything of how you want to be. How you handle certain situations, how you talk to people, what/who you look like when you talk/walk, how you eat and exercise, etc. Figure out also how you want people to treat you. Determine what your occupation is or what kind of company or car you own. This should take you no less than 30 minutes to do initially. If it does, you're not being precise enough and you might as well hang it up.

You will add to this image over the next few days things as they come to your you see different people/things.

You have your description on paper now. Creating it into a mental image is done by reflecting on the description and visualizing yourself doing all of that. Visualizing is watching a movie play through your head, where you are doing everything that you described. However, visualizing is only effective if you mix emotion in it. The visualization takes place in your conscious mind, precisely the faculty of the imagination. The emotions are part of your subconscious mind, and this is where we are trying to transfer the image to.

We are going to make this image a part of your belief system, and beliefs are neural networks on the subconscious mind. These neural networks are what command our bodies to do what they do. Emotions are particularly strong parts of these networks, and when they are activated, think of them as becoming sticky. Whatever you are holding in your conscious mind at the time gets stuck to these "emotions" and bypasses some of the filters that normally stop things from coming to your subconscious mind. This is why things that you where seeing or experiencing during an emotional time, are deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind. So if you activate these emotions, especially very strong ones, and you're visualizing what you intend to be at the same time, it will be much more readily accepted by your subconscious mind.

This image is your goal. The achievement of a goal is a result of certain beliefs and habits. Environment is what supports beliefs and habits. Immediate environment, that is. Like the people you spend time with, the books you read, shows you watch, etc. The three work very tightly together: environment, beliefs, and habits. If any one of them is adjusted, the other two automatically adjust accordingly.

However, we are trying to create new beliefs, so we can't rely on that part. We must work with the habits and environment. I will cover that in the next article: "Depression - Breaking The Ninja's Grip (Part 2)" for the next set of instructions.

In the meantime, look at your goal, and visualize for at least ten minutes today, and again right before you go to sleep. That will begin to prepare you for the system.
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