Motivational Speaker: DEPRESSION - Breaking The Ninja's Grip (Part 2)

 By: Dennis Andrew
If you have not "Depression - Breaking The Ninja's Grip (Part 1)..." now's the time. In the preceding article we covered self image and visualizations. Good times. In this article, we'll put it into a system.

You must realize that if you're only interested in changing because you know you SHOULD, you'll never get anywhere. You must commit yourself fully to doing what it takes in order to change. You do this by coming up with reasons that are powerful enough to cause you to do whatever it takes, no matter how much you may want to give up. Reasons like: "I need to do this because I want to be a confident parent to my kids. They will always know I'll have the right advice; I need to meet these standards because the type of person I want to attract, wants someone who is..."

If you don't have reasons that are stronger than your will to give up, you'll fail. Yes, this means come up with the reasons now. It may take you 20 minutes. Come up with at least 5. Then come up with at least 2 reasons to back up those beliefs. You must keep looking at the end result. I promise that if you follow all these steps, you will change any emotional condition you think you have.

We mentioned how our habits, beliefs, and immediate environment work together, and how if you change any one of the three factors, the formula still stays the same, meaning the other two factors will adjust accordingly. Because we're working to change the self-image, the beliefs we hold of ourselves, we can't depend on the "beliefs" factor. So we have to work with the habits and environment.

Proper physical exercise gives you great health, and proper mental exercise gives you great wealth...great achievement.

You're dealing with the most important person in your life: YOU. You're going to need to start treating yourself the same way you treat the person you most love, and we'll develope a system for it. How would you treat this person? You'd probably spend time alone with them. You'd probably do things for them. You'd make them smile, and buy things for them and make them happy. That's what you're gonna need to do for yourself.

Here are the rules:
1. You come before anything else on your schedule. You'll make time. If you don't, you'll fail.
1. You meet with yourself every morning before your day starts, for a minimum of 15 minutes.
1. You commit to this for 30 days minimum.(The moment you commit, you won. Look up the meaning of commit.)If you fail at any point, you must restart.

Here is the habit readjustment. Take a piece of paper, and write "I WON" on it. Staple that paper on top of your decription(your vision). Every morning before you get out of bed, think of your new self image. Don't compare it to what you think you are, just visualize for a minute or two. Get up and pick up the paper with your vision on it. Look at the top page, and read out loud, "I WON." Pretend like you won. Put that smirk on your face, that half-smile or whatever. It's the backwards way of creating the confidence that is usually what causes the smirk/look, whatever. Now go somewhere nobody can hear you, and where you can walk/jog alone. Emotion is activated with motion, so you're going to need to start moving. Right before you start, read your vision out loud. Be sure it is written in the present tense, like, "I am so confident. I am very fit..." rather than, "I will be..."

Now it's time to start moving. It's fine to listen to music if you prefer. You must get in a thankful state and you can do this by just saying "Thank You" over and over again(yes, out loud). Say "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" over and over again. Gratitude relaxes our DNA, and causes it to expand. It scientifically eliminates the resistance in our mind, body and surroundings. It is critical to eliminate this resistance, so that your mind can accept what you want to input. Also, do it to the beat of your footsteps...there is a hypnotic effect on your brain just like music, when you're singing or dancing.

"Thank You...for my opposition, thank you for my health, thank you for my..." As you are moving, say very powerfully, "I WON! I WON! I WON!" and keep repeating it to the beat of whatever form of exercise you are doing. Start adding in your different incantations, like, "I am so confident with...." and "I easily achieve all of my goals" or whatever you determine to have. Alternate your "Thank You"'s in there. Wait, it gets better.

It is not enough to just say it for the sake of saying it. You MUST CHANGE YOUR PHYSIOLOGY! You gotta have the expressions...the "I'm taking down the world" look. Your mind responds when you change your recognizes differences in muscle tension and relaxation. If it remains the same, it almost gets canceled out because it's so normal. So tense up when you say your incantations! Then relax EXTREMELY and say one! Watch what it does to how you feel! It's awesome, and you will begin to look forward to this because of how empowered you feel.

Scientifically, your brain is causing your whole body to respond. I do this every day. In my car. On a trail where people rarely go. In fact, I'm as idiot as they get...I will be shouting at myself! But I also accomplished and continue to accomplish incredible changing my beliefs. I'll be yelling "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! BRING IT ON! BRING ME YOUR BEST GAME!! DO I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE THAT BACKS DOWN?? JOKES!" And then there are days where all I say is, "Thank You, Thank You" the whole time, all the while my goal is playing through my head.

This must be done BEFORE you start your day. It will be working in you all day. You'll find yourself repeating "Thank You" regularly. Many people ask if it's okay to do it in the evenings because they're more of a night person etc...but it's not okay. At the end of the day your body is releasing the stress and happenings of the day, and it is not in the prime state for reconditioning the mind, and we need to use every ounce we can get.

At night, look at your vision right before bed, and read it out loud, starting and finishing with, "I won" and immediately imagining it. These are a few habits that you will have to upkeep with all faith. You will start noticing changes very quickly, but do not stop before 30 days of unfailing practice have past.

In the next article, we'll cover information on your immediate environment.
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