Natural Cures For Constipation Or Dyssynergic Defaecation

 By: Jhon Napier
Constipation, else known as dyssynergic defaecation or costiveness is a commonly found disorder characterized by fewer bowel movements. It make stool dry, hard and painful to pass. Unhealthy lifestyle with improper diet is considered as the main cause for the formation of constipation. Excessive use of liquors, insufficient intake of water, lack of leafy vegetables in diet, low fiber rich food in diet and lack of exercises are some of the root causes for constipation. Result of constipation may induce several health risks like loss of appetite, dizziness, weight loss and heaviness in abdomen. Today, there are versatile treatments available for curing constipation. Evaluating the root cause of constipation helps in faster relieving of risks due to constipation. Now, let's see in detail the best recommended natural cures for constipation.

Intake of foods with high fiber concentration is one among the most common natural cures for constipation. Presence of fiber in food makes stool soft and easier to pass. Brown rice, whole grains, beans, cooked dried piece, oat bran, fresh fruits and vegetables are some fiber rich food items improving bowel movements. Maintaining weight under control, relieving hemorrhoids, preventing kidney stones, heart disease and cancer are other benefits of taking fiber concentrated food sources. Drinking plenty of pure water is another natural cure suggested for solving constipation troubles. Presence of fluids in stomach makes stool passage easier and smoother. It is recommended to drink 10 oz of pure water per day for proper bowel movements. Instead of water, you can also intake prune juice rich in fiber concentration. Presence of sorbitol in prune juice reduces transit time of stool and makes stool passage easier.

Intake of date syrup in combination with milk is suggested as a natural cure for constipation. Date is a well known laxative that has been used for centuries for the treatment of constipation. It is a rich source of manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. Doing regular exercises is one among the best suggested natural cures for constipation. Proper exercising moves food faster through colon which in turn helps in passing soft tools. Patients suffering from constipation are advised to walk at least thirty minutes a day for healthier body functioning. It increases metabolic functions and eliminates the accumulation of wastes in body. Practicing aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging and dancing enhance intestinal muscular contractions which in turn improve the swift movement of stools out of the body.

Drinking orange juice is a widely suggested natural cure for constipation. This best known laxative improves peristaltic activity and promotes better bowel movements. You can also intake orange juice mixed with olive oil for attaining faster relief. It is a perfect home remedy suggested for those people suffering from constipation problems. Instead of orange juice, you can also intake other citrus fruit juices like grapefruit juice and lemon for relieving the troubles of constipation. Presence of bioflavonoids, vitamin C and potassium stimulate colon and promote proper bowel movements. Cabbage juice, epsom salt solution, castor oil, papaya and spinach juice are other natural cures for constipation.
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IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is an uncomfortable and often distressing condition that affects around a third of the population at one time or another. So disruptive is IBS, that around ten per cent of all people seek medical assistance in dealing with it.
Are you feeling uncomfortable and bloated? It is estimated that around 4 million people in the U.S. are suffering from constipation. It is due to sluggish movement of food through intestines. Women are more prone to constipation problem. Adults and children, who are experiencing just three or four bowels a week, are suffering from constipation. If the stools are small, dry, and hard, you will suffer from pain.
The meaning and symptoms of constipation is different for different people. In this condition many people have infrequent stools while some may suffer from hard stools. But the very common symptom of constipation is uneasy and people feel restless. Even the causes of the constipation differ from person to person.

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