Natural Cures for Menopause

 By: Benjamin Wee
Menopause is something that occurs to women naturally and it is one such thing that cannot be avoided in a women's life. To overcome this unavoidable life change effects, women should find an effective treatment. A natural way treatment is always considered the best and effective treatment because it will prevent you from various kinds of side effects due to intake of medicines. For a long time, people thought of HRT (Hormonal replacement Therapy) as a natural treatment process but lately that it is causing side effects like breast cancer and heart diseases and it is no longer a prescribed treatment for menopause.

Women all over the world have been trying many things to get rid of the symptoms of menopause, like depression and hot flashes that they suffer during this period. However, it is not easy to find an effective way to suit all menopause symptoms and signs. There are some effective natural way of treatments might work well to overcome the menopause problem.

- One of the effective ways to combat this problem is by taking a proper diet which should include lots of pulses, oats, grains, cashew nuts, fruits, and salads.

- You should also avoid taking food items like meat or pork because they contribute to reduce the levels of estrogen.

- Limit your caffeine consumption as well because it can cause bone loss.

- Soy in the form of soy milk and tofu has lesser cholesterol content thereby contributing to reduce menopause symptoms.

- Practicing yoga and exercising daily will certainly help you to keep yourself fresh and active. Meditation will help you to keep your mind cool and calm.

- Exercising will help you have a proper sleep to keeps you away from cancer and heart disorders which you may experience during menopause. The frequency of exercising can be decided as per your convenience but it is normally recommended to spend some time, exercising your body daily.

- Either consuming Vitamin-E or applying oil containing Vitamin-E will help reduce hot flashes. Other minerals like Vitamin-C, Magnesium, and calcium can also help in this regard. Another type of oil that can benefit you in alleviating menopause is flaxseed oil(Omega 3 fatty acids). Flaxseed is rich in progesterone and lowers the cholesterol level which is suitable for reducing menopause.

A Herb named Black Cohosh, rich in Phtoestrogen, can help alleviate menopause. Taking in 20-40mg of this herb 3 times in a single day can reduce hot flashes and night sweats. However it is not effective for every single person and moreover a few women have witnessed a drop in their blood pressure after having it. Also black Cohosh may only be effective for women experiencing natural menopause, for others who undergo a surgical menopause, it is ineffective. There are other herbs similar to black cohosh like Dong Qui, or Ginseng, or Vitex Agnus Castus etc, which help in curing menopause and its symptoms naturally.

However, a woman must understand that she is different from other ladies and a technique effective on a particular woman might not be effective on her. She must be patient during the course of treatment and it is not necessary that a single cure will work for her; she might have to undergo multiple treatments. Natural treatment is always the best one because it does not have any side effects. But for safety reasons, do inform your physician about the cure you are practicing to keep everything in check.
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