Points To Keep In Mind When Buying A Kayak

 By: Melody Veloce
If you love challenging sports and you want to see new places and do things never done before, then opt for Kayaking. It's a new sport for the strong hearted. On a trial basis you can rent a kayak and check whether you are game for it. If you like the sport then instead of renting a kayak, buy a new one. Following are some points to keep in mind while buying the right kayak.

You'll be able to pick from a variety of kayaks that include sit-ons, sea kayaks, or kayaks for white water. Decide what type of water you'l most frequently be kayaking on so that you can narrow down your search for the right kayak. If you're going to be doing some gentle kayaking down the river a touring kayak may be right for you.

If you're a beginner you'll want to buy a kayak that is shorter than a kayak for the more experienced boater. This is because shorter boats are easier to handle than longer ones. A sea kayak will come in lengths from 10 to 22 feet. A kayak meant for white water will generally be 9 feet long or less. Once you become more experienced at kayaking you'll want to have a longer kayak, since long kayaks are more suitable for fast paddling and for tracking.

Having determined the right size of your kayak, the next step is to ensure that it "fits right". Your purchase is an important one and it is imperative that it meets all your personal requirements. You should therefore first test the seat, shifting around in it, adjusting the backrest, footrest and seat leverage, making sure you achieve optimum comfort levels and that it "feels right". Remember that you're likely to spend long pleasurable hours in this kayak!

To avoid having to incur unnecessary expenditure, be sure to bring your spray skirt along with you when shopping for your kayak. This way you can ensure it can be fitted onto the boat you're considering buying and can eliminate additional outlays for a new one.

As a beginner, it is a good idea to weigh the benefits accruing from the sizes of the hulls and the material they are constructed from. A small hull size in plastic, while not necessarily appealing from an aesthetic point of view, is ideal for a beginner in sea kayaking and a wooden hull, though considered attractive, is high on maintenance costs and expensive in the long run, especially in the event it is damaged.

The key thing about kayak buying is that like every other important purchase, it ought to be done in consultation with an expert, well versed in the art of kayak buying, thereby leading to the incredible and memorable experience and thrill of kayaking.

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