Psoriasis Treatments during Pregnancy

 By: Cyril Wee
Psoriasis is a skin disease caused basically by the improper functioning of your immune system. There are two hypotheses about the cause of psoriasis. The first is a disorder linked to excessive production of skin cells. The second is more common and is related to a immune mediated disorder. Psoriasis can affect a person at any stage of life and there are quite a few treatments available for the same. However you need to understand psoriasis treatments during pregnancy will be a bit different from the regular treatment. Again psoriasis treatments during pregnancy are extremely crucial.

Topical treatment during pregnancy

As far as topical psoriasis treatments during pregnancy are concerned you need to understand it is prescribed only when the psoriasis is very severe and rare. This is because the topical medicines get absorbed through the skin and can result in contraindication in pregnant women. Therefore you need to be extremely careful about psoriasis treatments during pregnancy. So do you want to know the medicines that are prescribed for a pregnant woman with severe psoriasis? Here is the list:

Moisturizing cream - they are topical medications that are allowed during pregnancy because they are sans risk.

Uric acid - can be used in just some parts of the body

Salicylic acid- used in limited parts of the skin.

Topical steroids - when the psoriasis is extremely severe steroids can be used for psoriasis treatments during pregnancy. However it must be done in very small quantities. And it should be used in only some limited parts of the body.

Derivatives from Vitamin D - it has to be used in very small quantity and must be avoided as much as possible. This treatment is not for all parts of the skin

Derivatives from Vitamin A - these derivatives are contraindicated psoriasis treatments during pregnancy. This is because they are teratogenic and can cause certain disorders during the intrauterine development of the fetus.

Systematic treatment

Systematic treatment of psoriasis is not that common and doctors try to avoid systematic psoriasis treatments during pregnancy as much as they can. In fact it is almost unheard of. Actually doctors stop systematic psoriasis treatments during pregnancy. This is because most of the systematic means manifest teratogenic actions resulting in anomalies when it comes to the development of the baby. Certain systematic medication can lead to severe defects in the unborn child that can ultimately result in abortion. So, if you have been undergoing systematic psoriasis treatment and want to bear a child wait until and unless the medicines have been completely removed from your body. Plan your pregnancy only after that.

Pustular Psoriasis

In some rare cases during pregnancy women can be affected by pustular psoriasis- a very rare form of the disease. This may be caused by the hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy. So what are the pustular psoriasis treatments during pregnancy? As the hormones keep changing during pregnancy, topical medications do not prove to be that effective. One of the best pustular psoriasis treatments during pregnancy is antibiotics. However if the psoriasis is extremely severe there may be adverse affect on the fetus and it can result in abortion.
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Psoriasis is a non-infectious and a chronic inflammatory disease of skin. The appearance of red well-defined plaques with a silvery scale is considered as a classic symptom of this disease. The extensor surface of the body and scalp are the most common areas where these plaques can be found, indicative of the occurrence of psoriasis. There are two groups of this disease, depending upon the age group affected. Most patients choose natural treatment for psoriasis like Ayurvedic medicine as these natural remedies have given the best results.
Psoriasis is one of the worst skin rashes that one can have. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease that will cause the skin to thicken and redden, making flaky patches commonly known as skin scales. This is brought about by an accelerated growth of skin cells that rise up to the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin. Under common conditions, skin cells grow deep within the skin and normally rise to the surface about once a month. This rapid expansion in skin cell growth is brought about by the body's immune system emitting faulty signals that double their growth to two weeks as opposed to the healthy rate of four weeks.
Salts is also unique. The salt in ordinary sea water is sodium chloride, or common salt. The Dead Sea, on the other hand, contains a smaller proportion of sodium chloride, with the balance consisting of magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides and a comparatively high concentration of bromides. Researchers believe that the therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea are due to the presence of these other salts, mainly those of magnesium, potassium and bromide. Millions of Americans suffer from the symptoms of psoriasis.

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