Road Bikes - Advice On How To Choose Your Next Bike

 By: Steve Bell
Daily fun and fitness has been a driving force for a great number of bike riders today. Selecting the perfect road bike for your demands can seem whacked out when you find out just how many road bikes are there for sale. Scott, Jamis, Hewitt, Bob Jackson and BMC are major manufactures of road bikes. There are many things to consider before jumping in and buying your road bike. If you want the full benefit that cycling has offer pick a bike that's right for you. While searching for a road bike that's just right for you, there are some point you must remember

Traveling over the long haul, quickly and smoothly that's what road bikes are designed for. Thin tires, lighter weighted wheels, "rams horn" style handlebars help to give road bike a more aerodynamic position. Road bike always have enough gears to help you challenge the hills and move swiftly on level ground.

One size does not fit bikes come in different heights. Depending on how tall you are, bikes run from approximately 18.5" to 24.8" height wise. Some bicycle manufactures have targeted women riders with a 15" bike, but the ride turns out not to be to comfortable because of standard tubing. To find the bike height that's best for you, you'll need to try out a few.

Aluminum has been the most widely used material for bike frames. Light weight and smooth rides are the characteristics of an aluminum frame. Racing bikes have used aluminum frame for a very long time. Aluminum does not rust, so neither will your bike. It will be one of the best moves you'll make it your cycling career.

Steel frames provide a decent design, satisfactory construction, and superb alloy tubing. For dependability American SAE steel is the prime choice for steel frames. Steel as been widely used in the manufacture of bicycle forks.

Though very expensive, titanium is fast becoming the choice for riders who are looking for a strong, long lasting frame. The cyclists that enjoy the titanium frames like them because they get all of the benefits of other materials and a lot more. One of the most comfortable road bike frames available. As the frame appears to come to life, every stroke of the pedal has more bounce to it. This is why it cost more. Design and production of these frames are pricey and the price of the road bike will reflect that.

Along with the frame of the bike sufficient energy should be included when deciding on handlebars. You want a handlebar that gives you the ultimate control of the bike without sacrificing comfort. Be it a long distance ride or a flat out race, you want to comfortable with the bar. For maximum stability you will need to test different for head shots.

Tires play a very important role of the bikes overall ride. Thick tires absolutely take-in more road shock, they also produce increased friction on the road. You could say that, the thinner tires are the racing tires. As you go through the process of your purchase of your road bike, remember to make sure all of features and benefits will help to ensure a great cycling experience.

Seat post, hubs, bottom brackets are also central parts of a bike to get familiar with. You will find that the lighter the added features your bike has, the faster it will go, and you will have much better control.

Style and flare, that the benefit of having your road bike customized just the way you want it! A customized road bike can also be seen as an extension of your own personality.
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