See How Easily You Can Skateboard Like a Pro

 By: Tom Siedlaczek
Even if you don’t become the next Tony Hawk, a multi-millionaire with video games featuring you as the main character, you can learn how to skateboard like a pro. It is not impossible as long as you have a clear understanding of what you are getting into, and how long it could take. You can’t be impatient if you want to be at the top level of any activity, whether sports, career or hobby.

If you happen to love skateboarding, and really are committed to doing whatever it takes to skateboard like a pro, or possibly even become one, then read the following steps. There is no magic to it, and there really are no secrets either. And to clear up any possible understanding about the headline, you can easily see how to skateboard like a pro, as the title says. There are plenty of books and websites to show you, and it’s easy to collect as many printed or “virtual” lessons as you need to get going with your practice. However, it will not be easy to succeed at it, because anything good (and hard to do) takes time.

Now, it would take many thousands of pages of writing and diagrams to teach you the 180 ollie, a shifty ollie, a frontside 360 and all the other moves. You can get all of that information at your own speed, and when you’re ready. For now, we’re talking about the basic action steps and attitudes that will get you a solid start. And this much is true, also, that the more disciplined, motivated and passionate you are, the easier it will seem. Even when you’re doing hard work, you don’t mind as much when you are sold out on the goal you’re working toward.

Action steps to pro skateboarding

Practice – Sure, it should go without saying, but in this day and age people seem to think that reading “a” book or watching “one” skater video is all it takes. The fact is that it takes practice, practice, and more practice. And after all that practice, you have to do one more thing – practice some more. You should skate to work, skate to school and back, hit the skateboard parks as much as possible and take your board with your at all times. You should be prepared to get in some skate time anywhere that skateboarding is allowed.

Safety – Pros are smart enough to protect their heads and limbs. You must always wear a helmet and pads (knees, elbows, perhaps gloves, too). Since you are on a mission, you will be excited at what you’re doing and may forget that the major part of learning is making mistakes. Remember, making mistakes when learning pro skateboarding techniques means falling down. Since you're going to experiment and try all kinds of new things, your need to protect yourself.

Watch videos, and make them, too – There are tons of YouTube clips and skateboarding videos to watch and study. Every one of the top pro skateboarders has videos, lots of them. While you’re learning all the moves, have a friend videotape what you’re doing so you can study yourself. Keep making videos as your skills keep getting better. Eventually, you may need to hire a real camera pro and editor so you can start posting your own clips online.

Attitude steps count, too

Have fun – You skateboard because you love it, right? If you are motivated by anything other than serious love of the board, you won’t make it to the top. And if that serious love of the board doesn’t have a big component of fun in it, you won’t make it even halfway. You won’t become a top skateboarder because you want a glamour life traveling around the world on your sponsor’s credit card. The joy in what you do, whatever it is, is infectious, and if you start moving up the ranks, it can make you really attractive to those sponsors.

First things first – Again, it seems like a no-brainer, but if you don’t have your priorities in order, you won’t make it. Practice, board knowledge, proper safety, correct exercise routines, healthy diet, clean living – all of this is part of the pro skater package. Keep things in order, and don’t forget that the only discipline that works is self-discipline. No one can do this for you, or give you what you have to practice for. The only way is hard work.

Stay balanced – Despite the fact that it is a hard road full of hard work and long hours and road rash and ankle sprains, you still have to keep balanced. Having fun, loving what you do, working hard, staying on track – all of these seemingly different things really can work together and get you where you want to go. It’s not easy to accomplish your dream, but it is easy enough to find out what to do. The difference with winners, as opposed to quitters, is that the winners take the difficulties as challenges to overcome, not obstacles to bounce off of.

Is it really you?

If you are really cut out to be a pro skater, you will be able to tackle all these steps and still be cool, still be yourself. Being centered and balanced, with family and friends behind you, is a powerful combination for success. These are the things that will help you in the long run and keep you going when times get hard, you become exhausted or you encounter new troubles along the way.

If you do start getting good, and standing out from the crowd skating around you, acting like you’re “all that” and being rude will only make you enemies. No matter how great your skateboarding skills become, there are always others who are just as good or better, so keep your ego in check. This is often difficult for young people who are also facing a lot of life changes during their teens and early 20s.

The bottom line is that you can learn to do anything you set your mind to, but you first have to find out if it’s “in your blood.” It needs to be more important than any other goal or activity if you want to work your way to the top of the pro ranks, and that’s true in business, entertainment and sports. For skateboarders working their way up, there will be dozens of moves to master, terms to know and techniques of their own to develop. With hard work and persistence, you really can do it.
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