Simple Actions to Complement Diabetes Treament

 By: Peter Okoh

Controlling diabetes in older adults needs special attentiveness considering that they no more have the much needed natural energy required to do away with sedentary lifestyle. Notwithstanding, there are ways things can still be done to make them feel alright in their diabetic condition.

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases United States, prescribes a progression of measures to control diabetes that is worth discussing. Despite the fact that the essential principles of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes are the same for old people than for young adults, there are unique characteristics and issues connected with this ailment in the elderly which warrant further attention. For example: the process of aging and overweight are predisposing factors to diabetes.

In an interview -, diabetologist and endocrinologist Maria Elena Sanudo gives us a few suggestions for control of diabetes:


In addition to the treatment your medical specialist gives you (such as insulin, pills, injectable medications or a combination of all) and to be strictly followed, you can likewise control diabetes by taking the measures listed below:

1. Always check your sugar levels: the high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia) are viewed as perilous health conditions that may require immediate attention. Check with your specialist to know the best method required to check your sugar levels at home

2. Keep up a healthy eating regimen: build up an eating plan that considers the foods you cherish and likewise help you lose weight. Avoid foods that can alter your blood sugar level from being normal or healthy.

3. Perform every day physical activity: it helps to keep sugar levels healthy in aged people with diabetes. Though this can in most cases be hard to achieve considering their age.

4. Follow up your treatment: Share with your medical specialist the outcomes you are getting from your treatment for diabetes. It is essential you and your specialist know the level of response to the treatment you are taking. Your doc may instruct you to use other health experts to address other issues that arise as a result of diabetes. Below are tips to remember and consider:

- Undergo eye examination yearly: if detected and treated early enough, you can be rest assured of healthy eyes condition.

- Run kidney test yearly: diabetes can seriously affect the kidneys. Through blood and urine test, it can be easily detected if your kidneys are in great condition

- Get vaccinated against pneumonia and flu: Find out from your doc if you can be vaccinated and the appropriate number of doses.

- Check your cholesterol level: With a blood test done yearly, you can determine your triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels may increase the chances of suffering from heart disease

- Take care of your gums and teeth: Always go to the dentist at least twice a year for cleaning of teeth and gums to ensure serious health issues do not arise in the future.

- Find out your average level of blood sugar: Undergo a blood glucose test called "A1C test" at least twice a year, whose outcome will indicate sugar levels averaged in the course of 2 to 3 months

- Protect your skin, keep it clean and utilize lotions for dry skin: Pay attention to bruises and cuts or wounds so as to prevent infections.

- Check your feet consistently to identify areas of redness: See your medical specialist in the event that you have wounds, skin cuts, diseases or calluses. He may advise you to see a podiatrist.

- Pay attention to your BP i.e. Blood pressure: ensure you check your blood pressure on a regular basis
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