Star Trek's Warp Drive

 By: Jamie S Hanson
Star trek's warp drive is complicated yet the most powerful part of USS enterprise. It is a boon to the human beings. This unique device has helped to access deep into the space, to know about the alien life forms and make contact with them. The warp drive has made such challenging and distant things accessible and it has very much improved the technologies for the Milky Way.

The warp drive is so efficient that it allows travelling in space even faster than the speed of light. This amazing device has been attained by producing warp fields. A subspace bubble is formed that would envelope the starship and at the same time will distort the space time field. Thus, this would result in velocities exceeding beyond the velocity of light. These velocities are known as the warp factor. Warp drive is actually a type of interstellar propulsion in the Milky Way galaxy. This has made the trade and warfare possible.

The researcher Zefram Cochrane created with modern warp physics. Cochrane worked in the mid-twenties with his team mates on this theory after which he derived the system of continuum distortion propulsion (CDP). He managed to grab the potential required for higher energies and also faster than light travel. This led to practical operations that were even beyond the solar system. His team took the task of intense review of all the physical sciences as the speedy interstellar seemed promising.

The team worked very hard and sincerely on this system. This led them to complex set of equations, materials formulae which described details about the super luminal flight. Around 2061, the team finally succeeded in generating massive prototype field gadget that was called the warp drive.

The informally dubbed warp engines i.e. the CDP engines were a success in that era and could be easily installed in spacecraft designs. Of course it is inefficient in line with today's standard but it was an accomplishment then. Anyway it reduced the time taken by flights to travel from decades to years.

The unit for measurement of velocity of the warp drive in star trek is warp factors units that corresponds to the warp field magnitude. The light barrier and warp factor being unity are equivalent. The actual velocity is computed by making use of uncertain formulae.

The subspace field stress is measured by using Cochrane units and these are also used measure distortions of field generated by deflectors, synthetic gravity field, and tractor beam. Fields that are below one warp are assessed by microcochrane.

Now the power required for maintaining a given warp factor is function of the warp field of Cochrane value. The required energy to establish the field is known as the peak transition threshold. The amount of power required declines if the threshold is crossed. The efficiency of the warp diver coil reduces electro dynamically with increase in the warp factor.
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