Starting Over with Drug Treatment and Rehab

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It's not easy to kick a bad habit, especially drugs. In the United States, drug treatment and rehabilitation centers are expensive and most have long waiting lists to get in. However, there are options for those seeking help and a new direction in life.

Facilities such as Dr. Vorobiev's drug rehab facilities in Mexico offer patients from around the globe opportunities that are not available at home.

Drug Treatments Abroad offer Hope
Drug treatment at Dr. Vorobiev's treatment facility in Mexico, located in a variety of beautiful, peaceful and secluded location, offers individuals the privacy and emotional and physical support they need to deal with drug and alcohol abuse as well as other forms of addiction. Utilizing a combination of holistic treatment and traditional medical approaches to addictions and addiction therapy, Dr. Vorobiev has perfected the latest technologies for such treatment, including Ibogaine therapy, anti-drug treatments and ultra-rapid opiate detoxification therapies, all supported by psychiatric counseling and dependency support.

Dr. Vorobiev, a highly respected leader in addiction therapy around the world, began his drug and substance abuse treatment programs in Russia. He soon expanded his services throughout Europe, and then into Mexico. Dr. Vorobiev's treatment center in Ensinada offers a variety of programs and methodologies including:

- Detoxification clinics
- Psychiatrist center
- Holistic rehab centers
- Drug addiction, including cocaine, heroin, marijuana
- Behavior addictions like gambling and eating disorders

"I utilize a variety of experts at all my clinics," says Dr. Vorobiev. "Such experts include psychotherapists, doctors trained in resuscitation, internal medicine and neurology. We counsel our patients and teach them new life skills to achieve long-term benefits and positive results of drug treatment and rehabilitation."

Rehab in Mexico
Drug rehab is more than drying out from an addiction. It involves careful management of the emotional, mental and physical well-being of each individual patient. Dr. Vorobiev's facilities understand this and work with experts in many fields, along with the patient, to determine the best approach to treatment and a positive prognosis.

"Dr. Vorobiev utilizes a variety of technologies and methodologies for his addiction treatments," says Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay, a major medical provider and resource based in Denver, Colorado. "For example, Dr. Vorobiev utilizes five different methodologies in his drug treatment and rehab programs that are effective for even methadone and heroin addictions. Their doctors are on the premises and on call every day, to help patients with their needs at any time. We're happy to join our efforts with such dedicated care providers and offer consumers around the globe more options when it comes to their health and wellness."

Dr. Vorobiev offer a well-rounded approach to drug therapies that offer long term results. A typical program may consist of:

- Diagnostics - blood and urine analysis, electrocardiograms and computerized tomography
- Detox - actual withdrawal from specific drugs - all monitored by a professional health care provider
- Psychological and medical treatments supporting withdrawal of toxic substances or habits
- Aversion therapy and intensive psychological support and counseling

Doctors and support staff at Dr. Vorobiev's clinics are highly trained in multiple medical fields including psychotherapy, anesthesiology, internal medicine, addiction therapies and counselors. Staffs understand that drug treatment and rehabilitation may take up to a year for some patients and carefully watch, monitor and advise high-risk patients in lifestyle changes, counseling and support throughout the rehab process.

"We take an approach to help patients not only overcome their addictions but prevent them from relapsing," says Dr. Vorobiev. "Our aversion therapy techniques have proven effective for a large number of our patients, helping them to maintain sobriety no matter their addiction."

Traveling to Mexico for Drug Rehab
Mexico offers a convenient and affordable option to North Americans wishing to enjoy the benefits of drug treatment and rehab. "Cross-border medical travel has become fairly commonplace, especially between Americans and the availability of state-of-the-art and world class drug treatment facilities in Mexico," says Goel. "Those interested in drug treatment can't wait six months, or longer, to be accepted into already crowded drug rehab facilities in the States. Centers like Dr. Vorobiev's offer hope and freedom from addictions immediately."

Drug rehabilitation in Mexico offers a variety of beautiful, affordable and effective treatment centers and facilities that meet the needs of most individuals. Starting over isn't easy, but it is possible, if consumers understand their options.

You can request additional information about Rehab Center from Dr. Vorobiev by calling +1.303.578.0719 or
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