Stop Drugging Our Kids - There's A New Solution for the ADD to Autism Problem

 By: Dr Phil Bate
There's a new affordable alternative to dangerous drugs for the ADD-Autism continuum!

Unlike drugs, there are NO harmful side effects. Unlike Neurofeedback (AKA EEG Biofeedback, long proved the best therapy), it's affordable for even low income families.

For about 40 years, EEG Biofeedback (now called Neurofeedback or NeuroTherapy) has proved to be the most effective for "training" kids out of the ADD/ADHD/Autism symptoms. It takes between 50-60 half hour sessions to get an ADD/ADHD child that sits still in class, concentrating and learning (and who doesn't freak out the class with his hyperactivity). It can take up to 200 or more sessions to improve an autistic child close to this same ideal.

The major drawback to Neurofeedback Training is that a half hour session in a Neurofeedback clinic costs between $75 and $250. The computer and the EEG BF unit are expensive, and "doctor time" is always expensive. (One psychiatrist is reputed to actually charge $350 per half hour - and without a gun!).

How many families can really afford $5000 in a year? How many families that can afford this high amount want to spend this much? How many families are persuaded by convincing drug ads and the schools (with subsidies from the drug makers) that drugs are the way to go? (After all, drugs are covered under most health insurance and are "free" in effect - money, a strong motive).

The higher income families may be willing to afford this, "knowing" that these drugs are all dangerous. But mid and low income families have no real choice except Ritalin and the rest of these drugs. All such drugs have side effects of addiction (Ritalin and most others contain methylphenidate and are basically the same as the illegal street drug called "Speed"). All can be addictive, and some have even caused deaths. Not a good solution at all!

Now there's Dr Bate's Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training. By the use of a complex subliminal messaging underneath a soothing surf sound, the same brain waves that are changed in amplitude by Neurofeedback are similarly changed by Neuroliminal Training. Neuroliminal does the same things that Neurofeedback does - namely change brain wave amplitudes!

Most often it's done by "sleep therapy". Simply turn on a CD player at a comfortable volume and let the soothing sound of surf help you sleep. You may hear a faint "mumble" of a voice in the distance, but it's only a faint mumble, and doesn't bother you. (Yes, Neuroliminal Training also solves Insomnia problems!)

Some people use it only this way and others have used it during the day while doing other things, such as housework, or computer work, or simply reading or relaxing.

There have been 4 volunteer tests starting in 2004. The first two simply increased the amplitude of one particular brain wave (called SMR). 21 persons sent in weekly data (with comments) for four weeks in the first test. This data clearly showed two of Dr Bate's theories were "probably" correct:

1. Subliminal messaging does work and is analogous to EEG Biofeedback/NFB training.

2. Raising the amplitude of the SMR brain wave somehow changes the particular affect on the brain from various allergens. (Yes, Virginia, unknown allergy can cause virtually every known mental disease).

Of interest in this first test, three ADHD kids who had failed with EEG Biofeedback also failed here. While disappointing at the time, it's another illustration of the similarity between Neuroliminal Training and EEG Biofeedback Training.

The second test was similar and the results were even better after a few small changes were made. In addition, a few of the volunteers lost their depression, and several solved their Insomnia problem. (One woman psychologist not only lost her depression, but didn't get it back when she was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after.)

The next volunteer test in 2005 cost $100 deposit to join (to ensure that they sent back data for 8 weeks). It was designed specially for ADD/ADHD. NASA research clearly showed that lowering the amplitude of the Theta brain wave increased concentration (attention). Neurofeedback Training uses both raising SMR and lowering Theta. So, that was the Neuroliminal design for this test.

23 persons sent in data - either for the full 8 weeks, or until they felt they had "solved their problem". Of this 23, ALL improved. Only one person asked for their $100 deposit back. The weekly comments showed clearly that Neuroliminal was very similar to Neurofeedback in results. (There were two autistic kids in this test, and they also improved and are continuing to train. Autism requires much more time of course).

The last volunteer test was designed for Autism and other difficult cases. In addition to raising SMR and lowering Theta, an increase in brain blood flow was added. (This is analogous to HEG biofeedback which is often a part of Neurofeedback used for Autism, Brain Damage, and Stroke).

The 9 autistic kids ranged in age from 3.5 years old to 11. All improved! Some dramatically - some slowly - as would be expected - and again typically in the same manner as is usually experienced with EEG Biofeedback! None of these families asked for their deposit back!

Neither Neuroliminal nor Neurofeedback can claim 100% success. Obviously, there are other factors that may contribute to these "diseases", particularly Autism. However, the success rate for ADD/ADHD is the same for both - about 85%.

The success rate for Depression is probably somewhat less (not enough data as yet), and the success rate for Insomnia shows about 90+% to date. (11 out of 12 reporting).

There's now an affordable substitute for those dangerous drugs. Let's stop drugging our kids!
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