Systematic Isagenix Weight Loss Program

 By: Cody Holpp
There is a lot of curiosity and also a healthy level of expectations from the recently popular weight loss method known as the 'isagenix weight loss' series. The isagenix program accommodates a high fiber, low fat meal per day. In terms of calories, the meal shouldn't provide more than 500 calories.

Apart from this, the system includes nutritional supplements, exercise and specialty food products. This method comes in 3 categories in terms of duration of programs, starting with the primary 9 day program, then the 30 day program and also the life time maintenance program.

In terms of weight loss, the program provides a weight loss package which consists of the following main aspects:

- Cleanse for Life
- IsaLean Shake (s)
- Isagenix Snacks

The 'cleanse for life' supplement consists of many mineral and vitamin based supplements, but the most important ingredient is aloe vera based juice, while the isalean shakes form a meal based supplement. The major ingredients of this shake are flavored protein along with added minerals and vitamins as well.

Lastly, the isagenix snacks part consists of blending of carbohydrates, proteins and some portions of fats. The snacks come mostly in powdered 'easy to intake' format. The program also provides a set of (often provided in terms of a bottle) natural accelerator capsules.

Apart from these consumption aspects, the isagenix weight loss program provides certain accessories for the purpose of understanding, execution and a systematic weight loss technique.

The accessories are as follows:

- Program guide
- Measuring tape
- Instructional CD

Due to the popularity of the isagenix weight loss program, there are certain customizations provided by certain agencies that offer assistance during such programs.

The above basic package comes with the 9 day program, while the 30 day program consists of the same package and some additional products like:

- A bottle of Ionix Supreme
- A bottle of IsaFlush
- Four packets of 'Want More Energy'

The lifelong isagenix weight loss program consists of some more variants. In addition, antioxidants and essentials vitamins are also provided.

Like many other weight loss techniques, the isagenix weight loss program also comes with some side effects which are discussed as follows:

- Starting with the most common 'weight loss techniques' related side effect that is headaches can be from minor to medium level. Dull to intense pain has also been reported in some cases. Also, a common feedback from users is that the headaches disappear after the body gets used to the method.
- As the program has issues of lack of food and people need some time to be accustomed to such a situation (good news - it is more than possible), some people have complained of issues like dizziness, nervousness and even being shaky at times.
- Accelerated heart rate is also seen in few cases.

Like many other weight loss techniques, a user needs more effort to maintain the desired results, so self-motivated souls have a better shot at glory. Lastly, one needs to understand that weight loss is a process and not an instant result.
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