The Barriers To Understanding Anxiety Disorder

 By: Mclean Dearth
Most people who have experienced exaggerated flight or fight reactions have no trouble understanding anxiety disorder is to blame. All such afflictions have both physical and psychological symptoms, but the specifics differ for each kind. There are several general types of ailments under this category. Successful treatments exist for the fear and embarrassment caused by such conditions, which can have a big affect on the healthy adjustment of persons suffering from them.

Feelings of nervousness and anxiety are normal and even beneficial responses to dangerous situations and prior to important or stressful events. The physical symptoms accompanying nervousness over some event, are a reaction to powerful chemicals released into ones body because of some distressing trigger. Such fight or flight responses are useful defensive reactions to real dangers one may encounter.

The difference between a normal fear reaction and a disorder is one of degree and whether or not it is appropriate to the situation. When feelings of unreasoning panic result from everyday stressful events, a person may become so frightened by the sensations that it interferes with their ability to conduct normal activities. Even though this is the most commonly occurring emotional problem, experienced by as much as a third of the population at some time, many feel too disturbed to seek treatment.

Research has established that exaggerated fear responses common in these ailments seem to have a basis in both genetics and subconscious reactions to sublimated events from early childhood. If such responses extend beyond reactions in limited circumstances to become long term problems, the person likely suffers from a disorder.

Symptoms such as sweating, trembling, muscle tension, increased heart rate, and so forth, can arise so quickly and profoundly, that they may be deeply disturbing and cause the person to develop avoidance behaviors. Feelings of panic and embarrassment experienced, may cause people to not only avoid certain situations, they may go as far as denying or covering up the problem. Thus, they tend to evade treatment and may develop substance abuse problems to deal with the crippling emotions.

The conditions recognized as problems connected to anxiety are panic disorder, or panic attacks, social phobia, or the fear of certain social situations, and specific phobias, such as agoraphobia. Disorders include post traumatic stress, or reaction to a past trauma, obsessive compulsive, or repeated compulsive behaviors and generalized anxiety, or worrying over routine matters.

Effective therapy exists to combat and control these conditions, but the problem is that many feel too stigmatized to seek treatment. A combination of anti depressive drugs and cognitive therapy that helps one to recognize and control their symptoms and what triggers them are normally successful in helping one in understanding anxiety disorder.

Make sure that you always continue to look for new information about anxiety and panic attacks. Knowledge is power and the more you understand about this condition the more power you will have to stop it.
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These signs are not exclusive of anxiety and rightfully because a teenage undergo many of these signs does not add that he or she has an anxiety disorder but may show to a condition to seek further aid. If you discover problems or are afraid you should contact your family doctor to discuss the behaviors you have observed and go over ways to help your teenage handle his or her situation.
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Specialists think that the causes of panic attacks are a combination of genetics, biological, environment or social elements surrounding an individual. It can happen at any time any place without any forewarning or signs. If left untreated, it can result in severe complications and disorder. Luckily, you'll find medications, remedies and therapies that can help reduce this dilemma. To far better realize this difficulty, let's pinpoint first what triggers panic attack it in the first place.

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