The Newest Science Fair Projects Are All Yours For The Asking

 By: Morton L. Barish
Over 400 new science fair projects including some new wrinkles on some old favorites now available on line.

You will probably find just the project you are looking for to present for your next school science fair. These projects are about generating electricity from potatoes and lemons, and also about growing fruit and veggies without water. There is a new project about testing magnets when they are at room temperature, as well as when they are cold and hot to determine if the magnetism is effected at different temperatures.

The trick to a winning science fair project is to choose a topic you like, and you will find over 300 projects on all different subjects for all grade levels.

You will determine whether you can really generate electricity from fruit.
It's magic time! You will actually create electricity from fruit and determine which type of fruit generates the most electricity. You will be working with fruit and vegetables of your choice and you will amaze yourself and your family and friends. A really great project for students of all grade levels. You will also get free information on what the judges are looking for. This is really important to know especially if you want to enter a competition.

You are always being told to include more vitamin C in your diet, but do you know what effect different cooking methods have on the vitamin C content of carrots and other vegetables? Now you can teach Mom a little about healthy cooking methods. You will learn which method causes the greatest loss of vitamin C when cooking carrots. This project gets a little involved and is probably not for the very early grades. The project requires some flair for chemistry. The project will require some facilities at a local laboratory. This is a good project for budding chemists and other interested in nutrition and similar pursuits.

Who said we need a lot of room to grow fruit and vegetables? Perhaps you can do as well without soil and grow your plants in just water alone. Here you can test for yourself just how successful this method can be. Will the plants grow better in soil, tap water, or chemical solution? You don't have to be a farmer to really enjoy this project. It will teach you a lot about agriculture. After you learn how to grow fruit and veggies without a lot of room and soil, you can have your own garden and help feed the family.

Does temperature affect the strength of magnets? This project is a lot of fun for most grade levels. It is generally an easy project but does require parental supervision because you are dealing with heat and cold, and oven mitts and tongs are necessary to avoid any problems. If you like physics, then this could be the ideal project for you. You will get a bunch of magnets and then subject the magnets to high and low temperatures to determine whether or not the magnetic ability is diminished.

All of these project go into detail about how to use the scientific method when conducting experiments. The projects are really detailed blueprints which advise the student about recommended materials and procedures to follow. As often as possible, the materials can usually be found around the home. The procedures are a step by step guide on how to get the project accomplished. These science fair projects are suitable for all different grade levels and over 300 of them are immediately available on line. Each project also discusses in detail how to use charts and graphs and photos to enhance the display. Even if you have never done a science fair project before, you will be able to complete a project of your choice with one of these fun, new projects.
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