The Road to Becoming a Professional (and Safe) Driver with Go Karts

 By: Alexa Dagostino
Indoor go kart racing can be viewed mostly as a recreational sport by the general public. However, for many professional motor racers or those looking to become professional race drivers, indoor go karting is a cheaper and safe way to groom their driving ability.

Most people also associate go karting with younger drivers or those just looking to enjoy a day of fun and recreation. However, many current and former Formula One drivers began their careers racing karts at a young age and continue to do so in order to maintain their skills. Among some of these famous F1 drivers are World Champions such as Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, and Lewis Hamilton. Some famous NASCAR drivers also got their start in racing karts, just ask Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart.

For the junior racers, aspiring to become the next Michael Schumacher; indoor go karting is the perfect place to start developing their driving skills. Junior go kart driving students can be introduced to the fundamentals of a kart as well as the skills it takes to operate motor vehicles on professional circuits.

Novice driving students can also develop the type of driving skills required for the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Go kart students can start as young as six or seven years old - learning how to safely operate a go kart, improve their awareness while driving, and even develop the skills that are necessary for driving a street car,

The affordability and easily accessible training environment that indoor go kart tracks provide both new and seasoned drivers is unbeatable. There are no start-up costs, no race days cut short due to mechanical failures or weather; not to mention the fact that there are no dirty hands and no commitments if your going to the track to rent out some time and racing equipment.

Because go karting is considered the first step in many professional racing careers; it's not just the junior racers that you'll find at the go kart tracks. There are many adults who are also active in karting. Adults benefit from go karting because it can prepare them as a driver when it comes to high-speed, wheel-to-wheel racing.

The general public might not realize how capable some go karts. Some go karts, also known as "superkarts" can reach speeds of up to 160 miles per hour! This helps racers learn more about or practice reflexes, car control and quick decision-making skills. Driving go karts can also help to improve the racer's overall awareness of the various parameters that can be manipulated or adjusted to improve the performance of the kart. These types of alterations include the car's tire pressure, gearing, seat position, chassis stiffness, etc. It's important for professional motorsport drivers to be able to understand how to fine-tune their ability to perform such skills during competitions.

While go kart racing is more popular throughout Europe, the United States is home to a number of leagues and competitions for Americans looking to race competitively. Currently, U.S. competitive racers are regulated by organizations such as the IKF (International Kart Federation), WKA (World Karting Association), KART (Karters of America Racing Triad), and the indoor karting World championship (IKWC).

So, if your looking to become the next Michael Schumacher, or just practice better driving skills; try taking a few laps around the indoor go kart track. This type of practice can help you on the road to becoming a better driver either way.
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