The Three Kinds of Aggressive Inline Skating

 By: John Smi
A new popular activity and sport is aggressive inline skating. Also referred to as "rolling" or "blading", these terms refer to a specialized form of inline skating. Aggressive inline skating is often associated with skateboarding and "extreme" sports and aggressive inline skaters often perform dangerous stunts and tricks and hard to do maneuvers. This type of skating is certainly not for the faint of heart and for many, it takes years and years of practice to perfect their skills and tricks.

There are also several different types of aggressive skating and a small underground community and culture that are associated with this elitist sport. Most want to keep it out of mainstream and in their own private community.

The known types of aggressive inline skating include:

- Vert skating
- Park skating
- Street skating

Some inline skaters may do all three where others stick to a particular style that they prefer. Vert skating or "vertical skating" usually refers to skating done in a halfpipe. Many skaters have their own skate parks with half pipes and other constructions to help them vert skate.

Park skating is really similar to vertical skating but usually uses smaller ramps and sometimes has a mixture of park skating elements mixed in as well. Street skating typically refers to skating which is done on the street with what is available such as handrails, ledges, stairs, etc.

The skates used for aggressive inline skating are usually a bit difference from regular skates. They usually have smaller wheels with a higher durometer and sole plates as well as freestyle frames. Aggressive inline skates have a harder shell to help protect the feet of the skater and provide more support. They have smaller wheels to help accelerate and decelerate faster and to help with tricks and speed.

There are many different tricks and stunts done by aggressive inline skaters and they are creating new ones every day. These skaters are always looking for a new edge, a greater, bigger and better trick and new thrill. Many of the tricks done in aggressive inline skating are similar to those done by skateboarders.

Aggressive inline skaters perform different types of grinds, rail slides, switch up's, grabs, aerials and many other types and variations of tricks. Aggressive inline skating is a very dangerous sport which is part of what makes it so exciting for those that take part in it.
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